On the hunt for a Father’s Day gift that’s not golf or sock-related? Look no further. Kiehl’s is making it super simple on all of us by offering up a fun little kit of goodies that will keep Pops lookin’ young… and your pocketbook smiling. This fabulous, father-friendly assortment includes Kiehl’s famous Facial Fuel Face Wash, Shave Cream, Moisture Treatment, No-Shine Lip Balm (genius!), Body Scrub Soap, and Strength Hand Salve—all for only $64. Trust me, this will supply him with all the essentials he needs to start the perfect skin care regimen, and he will only have you, his thoughtful offspring, to thank for it…

Even better, Kiehl’s is also providing free shipping on any order over $30; don’t forget the promo code ‘FATHERS’ at checkout! (also don’t forget to snag a couple of free sample products along the way for yourself!) Let me tell you this, if my imaginary future child gifted me with some Kiehl’s on Dad’s Day, I’d never doubt his or her unconditional love again.

Oh, and while you are at it, why not treat yourself to the brand’s newest life-saving product, Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, which contains 10.5% Vitamin C? That is as strong as any ol’ Retinol product, my friends!

Goodbye, aging!


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