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Ok, I’ll admit to not having much of a sweet tooth–at least compared to the average (or is it stereotypical?) chocolate-crazed female consumer. But… I am only human. So the answer is yes–yes, the mouth-watering macarons of Paris’s renowned pastry palace, Ladurée, indeed have me dreaming of mind-blowing mastication (and much more) just as much as the next chick…

And the colors—ohhhh, the colors! This is food porn at its greatest, my friends. I could literally look at these pallet-pleasing palettes all day; Ladurée offers up its signature treats in almost every color of the rainbow–just wait, you’ll be having food fantasies in five different colors at a time. True, bold brights are big this season (and Ladurée’s got those too), but pastels have been cornering their fair share of the market as well, especially when it comes to beauty. So give the orange lip gloss a rest and opt for a powdery pink pout (un pétale de rose, s’il vous plait !) or, pay serious tribute to this pâtisserie paradis by rocking its signature minty green shade (pistache!) on those nail tips for a change. Oh, and that darling little cotton-candy-colored top? Supersweet.

In addition, squeals were heard the world over when I discovered that Ladurée also sells a collection of home and beauty items,* including scented candles, eau de parfum, bath gel, bath salts, soaps, and more. And let me tell you: If you are even the slightest bit of a sucker for packaging (and boy am I ever), be prepared to meet your match made in fashionable foodie heaven. Whether your treat of choice ultimately ends up being edible or not, this is some serious Parisian product that is almost too pretty too eat. Almost.

Bon appétit !
*Click here for information on where to purchase in the US.

Other items pictured:
RGB Nail Polish in Minty, $16
Lime Crime Opaque Nude Lipstick in Coquette, $16
Topshop Light Pink Sleeveless Twist Front Blouse, $60




Try to forget, for just one moment, the enigma that is modern country music. Instead, take yourself back about forty or sixty years to a time period that was the height of country, with Nashville as its epicenter and the Ryman Auditorium as its main stage.

It’s understandable that Johnny Cash might be the first name to come to mind, but there are three very important ladies from that golden time that I just can’t seem to get enough of lately. Yep, I’m talking about the ‘Queens’ of Country–Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton.

While thoughts of over-the-top hair and sequined western shirts may have you running for the hills, for the time being, keep an open mind as we take a little trip down to the quaint ole South.

Patsy Cline
Although she passed away quite young, Patsy left a big mark on the music world, even beyond the realm of country.
Style: 1950s Bombshell Meets Wild West
Quintessential Song: Crazy

ModCloth Prize Pie Dress, $50; Sam Edelman Louie Boot, $225; Full Tilt Flower Heart Button Earrings, $5

Loretta Lynn
This coal miner’s daughter may be small in stature, but her pipes and personality certainly aren’t.
Style: Victorian Meets a Farm in Kentucky
Quintessential Song: You Ain’t Woman Enough

Mirage Maxi Dress, $68; Seychelles Bismuth Burlap Bootie, $90; Lazy Oaf Black Cross Necklace, $38

Dolly Parton
While her hair and bust line may seem to be more famous than she is, Dolly has been a force to be reckoned with since the beginnings of her career.
Style: 1970s Disco Meets a 6-String Guitar
Quintessential Song: Jolene

French Connection Apollo Crepe Jumpsuit, $248; Jessica Simpson Cheetah, $100; Skeptis Victorian Gothic Chunky Ornate Ring, $18



If you haven’t fallen under the spell of a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at some point in your life, then you must have some serious superpowers—and this latest collection may just put an end to your successful streak of avoiding the inevitable. These babies come in juicy, eye-popping shades of suede that are nearly impossible to resist. And though I’ve never been all too crazy about the infamous Lita shoe (is this fashion blasphemy?), there’s something oh-so-seductive about this orange and red version that makes me wish I could strut my stuff in a 5-inch pair of heels. JC, looks like you’ve done it again!

1. Jenna Sandal, $140; 2. Lita Boot, $160; 3. Harlow Sandal, $165; 4. Munroe Pump, $150

The rest of the collection, not pictured, can be found here:
Backbow Bootie, $190; Yuki Flat, $100; Garret Pump, $150; Duncan Sandal, $135



Whether you’re planning a vacation to an exotic, far away island or skipping town to take a quick day-trip to the beach, imagine yourself in any of Karl Lagerfeld‘s pieces for Chanel’s 2012 Resort Collection.  Undoubtedly cool and eternally chic, Chanel always provides us with yet another effortless, luxurious dose of class. 

In this resort collection Lagerfeld branched out in many different avenues of colors and prints that are wearable for most any modern day woman on holiday.  Pastel yellows, blues and pinks reinforced strong silhouettes which seemed to flatter virtually all body types.  Monochromatic black and white pieces reintroduced an inventive approach to swimwear and activewear with an end result that was  intriguing to say the very least.

And, thanks to this collection, I have a newfound appreciation for playing with shape within my own summer wardrobe.  Leave it to Chanel to pair a bold one-piece bathing suit with a signature tweed blazer to throw in a little unexpected contrast and a bit of surprise. 

While you may not have a boudoir packed full of Chanel, a handful of these looks can be easily replicated at home. Chanel Resort 2012 is definitely my main style inspiration for this summer, and I’m already daydreaming about the one-way vacation to paradise I’m gonna be taking (outfitted completely in these clothes) starting… now.

Runway photos provided courtesy of


Sometimes you just want to throw on a pair of  jeans and a super comfy tee for work–without looking like a complete slob, yeah? Here’s how…

Wildfox Couture has been one of my favorites since the brand’s beginnings in 2007. Designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon have successfully created a niche for fun, wearable clothes that exude just the right amount of sexy-cool without taking themselves too seriously. The gals’ Summer 2011 Collection boasts easy, breathable and energetic separates to complement most any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are a diva or bookworm, there is truly something for everyone within Wildfox’s super-rad line of tees and sweatshirts…

So this summer, snatch up any of the label’s ultra-soft, well-fitted shirts for a day on the beach, a night on the town, or fun backyard barbeque. ANY of these pieces can easily be paired with jeans, cut-offs, and skirts to form a variety of outfits that will suit any occasion. Before you know it, this site will be an official go-to for all your sexy tee/sweatshirt needs. Oh, and as a special bonus, you can score a limited edition American flag tote with any purchase of $150 or more. Get to it, foxy lady!

Photos provided courtesy of


Updating your closet for summer? Don’t forget the jammie drawer, girl. Sure, you may be set for all those music fests and midsummer nights’ barbeques but what about when you’re lounging around in bed, or just chillin’? I don’t know about you, but when I get home, especially when it’s friggin’ boiling outside, the work clothes come right off and the comfy clothes go right on, usually in the form of pjs <cough> excuse me, loungewear. And darlin’, those flannel pajama pants? They just ain’t gonna cut it come July…

Lately, we’ve been spying some seriously cute summer sleepwear, especially in the form of sweet little pairs of shorts. I love how these pieces are feminine functional mixed in with just the right amount of girlie and sexy so that you can putz around chez toi and get stuff done (without your ass hanging out), yet look cute.

So get your shut-eye and still look fly, because let’s face it, if you’re breaking a sweat in bed, we can only hope it ain’t because of your choice in sleepwear…

Sweet dreams!
1. Sandmaiden Sleepwear Hankerchief Linen Wrap Around Boxer Shorts, $44
2. Lemon Pippin Love Pretty Cream Lace Shorts, $22
3. Chantal Thomass Champagne Silk Satin Shorts, $235*
4. Juicy Couture Chevron Side Tie Short, $25 (On sale!)
5. Carine Gilson Egérie Silk-Satin Shorts, $510*
6. Bodas Cotton-Sateen Pajama Shorts, $57*
7. Topshop Peach Gingham PJ Shorts, $28*

*Items pictured above


Ladies, I bring good news. The Christian Louboutin F/W 2011 Lookbook has arrived and it is truly remarkable!

I always knew that Mr. Louboutin was a true artiste, but this has taken my devout admiration for the designer to an entirely different level. In the new lookbook, Louboutin ‘references’ paintings by greats like Francisco de Zurbaran and James McNeill Whistler, employing them as vehicles, so to speak, to showcase his own ‘art.’ The entire project was photographed by Peter Lipmann; you can investigate his editorial work here

So, should we take a hint? Is this Louboutin’s not-so-subtle way of telling us his creations should be displayed in museums alongside the likes of art legends? Well, after a few flips through this lookbook, I’d say he is perhaps deserving of some consideration. My favorite piece from the lookbook has to be the purple 8 Mignon sandal placed in the fruit basket of de Zurbaran’s Santa Dorotea painting. Might we recall these same shoes gracing the feet of Blake Lively just last Wednesday during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Lively certainly got my attention with her flawless choice in footwear—and FYI, they’re only about $1,195.

Sure, some of us may not be able to afford a pair of reality-defying Louboutins, but we can all, without a doubt, afford to admire these beautiful photographs. Enjoy!

Images provided courtesy of