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Last summer, I whipped out my mint-condition Speedo one-piece thinking that I’d be able to sashay in and around the pool, kicking it 100% relaxation style. Contradictory to that notion, I found myself not being able to breathe in the thing, no less relax, with the blood to my brain being cut off by restrictive racerback straps and complete lack of bra-support. Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a more superior one-piece swimsuit–with the same sort of coverage and utility, with just a bit more style in construction. Note: Looking sexy on the beach does not mean you have to bare all skin (areola) entirely. One-piece swimsuits can do a body just as good as even the teensiest bikini, as long as you know what to look for.

That being said, if you’re looking for a swimsuit for this summer, that’s just as sweet as it is racy (and guaranteed to hold it all in), we have ten red-hot recommended picks for you to get started…

Let the fun begin!
1. REISS Arabella Lace Swimsuit in black, $40*
2. J. Crew Jersey Lomellina Eleanora Bandeau Tank in mountain pine,$115
3. Zimmerman Swimwear Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit, $209
4. Insight Jeddah Print Deep-V One-Piece Swimsuit, $104
5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Initials Fruit Punch Striped Halter Swimsuit, $424*
6. Garnet Hill Splendid Pin-Dot Bandeau, $118
7. Undrest Knitted Strapless Swimsuit, $84*
8. Carmen Marc Valvo Retro One-Piece in pink coral, $167
9. Hermanny by Vix Swim Watercolor One-Piece Swimsuit, $107
10. Seaspray Cordoba Long Length Bandeau Swimsuit, $113

*Items pictured above



One part bohemian + One part gypsy = Two parts of the runaway you wish you could be

It’s certainly no secret that one of spring’s biggest trends is 70’s-inspired… anything. As I reflect on some of the most stylish women of this era, Stevie Nicks is undoubtedly the first that pops into my mind, as there is no denying that Nicks’s effortless style virtually carries her on stage like the gypsy angel of your dreams. In one performance she could be frolicking around in maxi skirts and chiffon capes with ribbons adorning her tambourine, while in another, she might be obliged to display a more classic style, donning beaded rompers or a distinguished top hat.

To me, Stevie is as versatile as they come–still, she owes a great deal of her style sense to costume designer Margi Kent. Kent was just beginning her career as a designer when celebrities like Stevie, and even George Harrison, catapulted the designer into fashion stardom. Not to in any way discredit Stevie’s personal style pre-Margi, but the combination of Stevie’s free-flowing 70’s spirit and Margi’s gypsy-influenced designs are truly a match made in boho heaven.

Stevie’s musical debut with Lindsey Buckingham in Fritz (while opening up for the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin) lead to the duo’s connecting with Mick Fleetwood, which eventually led to the creation Fleetwood Mac. Since then, both Stevie’s solo career and personal style have evolved throughout the years, but one’s thing for sure: If you ever find yourself wondering how a modern gypsy rock star might dress, all you have to do is Google the fabulous Ms. Stevie Nicks.



Ladies, listen here: Gone are the days when buying a ‘modest’ bathing suit meant sacrificing the ‘cute’ factor. In fact, retro-inspired swimwear is back with a vengeance, and we’re here to tell you that you can still look super sassy, yet leave your worries behind when it comes to falling out of your suit while by the posing by the pool, sauntering at the beach, or doing whatever it is you do near whichever body of water it is that you fancy.

Retro suits are generally found in a few forms, namely the sheath and the skirted or high-waisted two-piece. With the sheath on your side, there’s pretty much no way you won’t look like a pin-up bombshell. Also note: this style is extremely slimming and keeps the hips covered, an area of the body that many a lady are oftentimes hesitant to show off. However, if you’re into revealing a bit more skin, the high-waisted or skirted two-pieces are most likely your best bet. After all, these are swimwear options in which you can… ACTUALLY SWIM IN. And, with the wealth of top options available, there are tons of possibilities for mixing and matching!

1. My Baby Jo One-Piece Classic Cherry Print Sheath, $72
2. Cherries Swim Black Retro Doily Bikini, $120
3. Minnow Bathers Plaid Ultra High-Waisted Two-Piece, $135
4. Manoush Sequin-Embellished Leopard Print Swimsuit, $129
5. Jantzen Heritage Ruffled Bikini Top & Ruffled Skirted Bottom, $118
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Colette High-Waist Bikini, $192
7. Yesteryear Glam One-Piece, $128



Well, it’s about time someone decided to put grocery store aisles to use in a way I have always envisioned: for a RUNWAY SHOW, of course!  Leave it to the fresh, modern design team at Stolen Girlfriends Club to conceptualize, and actually have to the balls to pull off, something like this.

I’m so inspired by this label’s uninhibited approach to men’s and women’s fashion, but also by the sheer gusto the designers behind it put forth with each collection’s debut. This Untitled collection is surely the best by far and in my humble opinion, has put SGC on the fashion map as an up-and-coming brand to watch.

You’d be wise to keep ‘em on your radar, ladies.


The Rite of Spring is a legendary piece of music, choreography, and folklore in the world of dance. It was originally choreographed in 1913 to Igor Stravinsky‘s progressive and forward-thinking score by a madman of the international dance world: Vaslav Nijinsky. Nijinsky is one of modern ballet’s most celebrated dancers. He is as storied as The Rite of Spring itself, a ballet that’s been interpreted by countless dancers, choreographers, composers, artists, writers, and filmmakers. In the waning days of PIFA, you have three opportunities to catch a unique-to-PIFA (and unique-to-Philly) performance and collaboration. Rites, Rhythm… Riot! is being performed at the Kimmel Center‘s Perelman Theater on the 28th (8:00pm), the 29th (2:00pm), and at the Gordon Theater on the Rutgers Camden campus on the 30th (8:00pm). 

This particular performance is being described as a vaudeville-like opera. The Pulitzer-prize winning composer Paul Moravec is responsible for the score, which is inspired by Terry Teachout‘s libretto. The Wall Street Journal‘s drama critic tells the story of The Rite of Spring through the eyes of its creators: Stravinsky, Nijinksy, and Ballets Russes founder, Sergei Diaghilev. Diaghilev was a renowned Russian patron of the arts, a critic, and also Nijinsky’s occasional lover. And that’s only the beginning of the drama. The Rite of Spring is FULL of tense, dramatic gestures reflective of the intensely rhythmic and primitive nature of its original score. At the time, it was unlike anything anyone had seen. It freaked people out. There were riots. Maybe that’s why it’s been juiced for all its creative energy ever since.

The herky-jerky, violent dancing represents a relatively pagan split of two acts: Adoration of the Earth and The Exalted Sacrifice. Reflective of this original dancing style, the Center City Opera Theater will team with Philadelphia’s own Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers. KYLD draws on Asian American influences to contribute to contemporary Western dance, but strives to create a transcendent experience that defies cultural definitions. As we approach the end of PIFA and the beginning of May, the temperature’s rising and plants are starting to bud. What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with a truly awe-inspiring performance—a send-up to the arrival of the beloved welcome mat to summer. 

Tickets range from $10 to $125. More info can be found on the PIFA website here. Photos provided courtesy of and

Disclaimer: PIFA, the Philadelphia International Festival of Arts, based in the Kimmel Center, is sponsoring the writing of a series of blog posts. Bill Chenevert will be contributing previews and event spotlights leading up to the actual festival, which will take place all over the city of Philadelphia, in numerous venues.


Unforgettable is one word to describe the intriguing jewelry designs of Pamela Love. Inspired by traditional African and South American jewelry, as well as by religious imagery, there is a very strange yet undeniably beautiful quality about each one of Love’s pieces, all of which are designed and handcrafted in her NYC studio.

There are bird skulls cast in precious metals, strands of voodoo-esque skulls, tribal spikes, and much more. These are clearly statement pieces, but in a completely unobtrusive way, making it effortless for you to take everyday duds to the next level. Now available at, the latest Pamela Love Pre-Fall 2011 Collection introduces color into the designer’s repertoire, not necessarily something Love is known for, and in a way she has never used it before…

Go ahead, take a peek. We guarantee you’ll be just as smitten with this jewelry line as we are. After a mere glimpse, it’s impossible to get these designs out of your head. And check it out: Love will be introducing her new line exclusive to Topshop this April and May. Keep a lookout–it’s gonna be big.

We recommend:
1. 16-Skull Brown Necklace, $172*
2. 8-Skull Brown Necklace, $138
3. 8-Skull Mint Necklace, $138*
4. 8-Skull Turquoise Necklace, $138
5. 8-Skull Red Necklace, $138
6. Rose Gold Sun Cuff, $402*
7. Rose Gold Tribal Ring, $310*
8. Turquoise Tribal Spike Cuff, $172*

*Item pictured above


Coco de Coeur, the budding clothing line created by scene queen (and native Philadelphian!) Audrey Kitching, proves that punk is not dead. Or is it? Let’s get a visual going. Kitching’s sweet selection of tees is modeled by girls with cotton candy pink hair and heavy brows, alongside boys donning eyeliner who sport brash statements muddled amongst devilish doll heads and inverted crosses; this line puts forth and lets out inner rebel yells such as Wasted YouthPunk Rock RuinedMe, and Teenage Wasteland, to name a few…

Sure, the shirts look totally DIY-able, but that’s the point–and part of the inspiration behind the line. Remember how the relentlessly cool Joan Jett fashioned her own Sex Pistols tee out of an old shirt, spray paint, angst, and safety pins? Well, save yourself some time and snap up one of these instead. At a mere $35, it’s totally worth the two hours of your life you’ll get back to… oh… start a RIOT!

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