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Photo by Jason Keefer Photography

One of our very own has been featured in Philadelphia’s Daily Candy this week and we’re so proud of her we just had to share. Congrats, girlfriend! ♥
She’s Come Undone: Five Best Places to Get Things Fixed in Philly
For Vintage Recovery
Your fondness for thrifting resulted in a mile-high mountain of crazy finds that go with absolutely nothing. Haul them to fashion-forward, South Philly seamstress Sarah Muhl ( She’ll hack mom jeans into cute cutoffs, rework unflattering necklines, and turn decades-old throwaways into designs you’ll actually wear.




[For more reason than one!]

Can someone please explain to me why–WHY, good God, why–people are loving to hate on January Jones’s Emmy Awards ensemble?

Because my first reaction when I caught a glimpse of the Mad Men actress in her Versace gown was somewhere between “OH MY GOD!” and “Can that please be my life?” HMMM. What am I missing?

Okay, okay, I’ll give you the hair. It’s a bit… off. Or something. But really, WHO CARES? The dress! The woman! The dress on the woman! Could this blue look any more amazing on her? And how dare she deign to don bright color (is it just me, or did there seem to be a disappointing lack of pop year? I wonder if the amazing Tina Fey will ever open up to color… ) and a semi-interesting silhouette on her beyond bangin’ bod. How DARE she.

To all the haters, I pose to you this question: If January Jones on the red carpet doesn’t pull off Versace couture in your eyes…

Well. Who will?


Love at first sight seems to be a commonality for me these days, and this holds especially true when a shoe such as this one crosses my path… Sam Edelman’s Lorissa Pump has in it almost everything a girl desires: character, charisma, sex appeal and height. I must admit, I’ve stared at many a photo of this shoe longer than I care to divulge—but there were many considerations to be made, namely, would I be able to walk in them and how heavy would they be. Well, I did my homework and read the reviews—ultimately sabotaging my would-be relationship with Lorissa. With a 4 ½” heel, no offerings of a platform to help ease the burden of complete foot verticality, and about five pounds worth of spikes and gemstones cuffed around each leg, I thought to myself, Are these shoes really worth being limpy girl for a day? The debate is still an open-ended one given the sheer fabulousity of this shoe, but for now, sadly, I’ll have to pass and leave these precious babes to another woman much stronger than I.


Because I know I would. But that is not the question at hand here. Marc Jacobs’s new ads for his super-gay cologne, BANG, have rendered me violently ill since I first saw them this weekend. Now, I know that Jacobs is proud of his newly sexy body, and why shouldn’t he be, but this is out of control. Ever since his brief romance with questionable hottie c-lister Jason Preston, it appears as if he has become a Speedo-flaunting, feather-wearing-queen. But really, I’m wondering what happened. Obviously, I got to wondering what the cologne even smells like. I just couldn’t imagine…

So, earlier today, I ventured out to see what the scent really does smell like; and I suppose I have to say… it wasn’t a complete disaster. In fact, it smelled pretty good. I’m sorry though, there is just something about buying cologne that appears inextricably linked to acquiring an STD that doesn’t really appeal to me. Am I alone? This seems like the bath house of colognes or something…


My advice? Stick to a classic scent. Anything by Gucci will keep you smelling like a dream but my personal favorite is Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme. One squirt and you will have boys (and girls) flocking…


The Oval Office underwent an extreme makeover this week. Apparently, a team of designers swooped in for ten days and gave the place a facelift while the first family was away… Let’s assess, shall we?

The rug is, of course, the most important part of the renovation, and the President kept it… neutral. Uhhh? Actually, the whole office is pretty boring if you ask me. It’s drab… and frankly, looks a little cheap. This is beyond disappointing to me because this room should clearly be the most fabulous office in the world…

The designers also accented the room with two blue ceramic lamps. Again: BORING. Actually, the only thing in this room worth discussing is the handmade striped wallpaper. And for Obama’s sake, I hope it was made in America. If only the White House had accepted my design proposal, we would all be looking at something that looks more like the green room at the Oscars… oh yes!

The final price tag is being kept in the confidential file; hopefully, all of the pieces were donated because otherwise… someone should break out the presidential veto.


Leopard is starting to takeover… have you noticed? It’s slowly trickling out of summer and on into fall… not to mention, the 2010 runways were full of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when I see an amazing Dolce and Gabbana leopard print dress such as this one, of course I gasp with delight. It’s clearly gorgeous and that is undeniable. But when it comes to picturing myself in leopard, I have… well, I have some issues.

If you feel the same, perhaps we should all take a hint from Erin Wasson, who opts for a leopard separate. Dressing down leopard is a great way to incorporate it into your summer or fall wardrobe (also think accessories, another option) without going over the top. I’m a fan of a leopard mini with black opaque tights and black booties as well. Sometimes, just one little piece is all it takes to bring out your inner feline…


I’ve long been obsessed with Brooklyn-based clothing house Mandate of Heaven, and after some clicking here and a bit of ogling there, I think your heart too will be skipping a beat for Mandate’s diminutive and distinctly original pixie-flavored frocks, rompers, and separates.

My infatuation with Mandate has been further nurtured by the release of their Opiate Collection, which I simply adore. Each piece, delicate and thoughtfully constructed venerates the female form in a spirited, playful manner. Mandate’s Bloomer Suits with heart-shaped cut-outs do an excellent job of framing the back so sensually, while their Circus Playsuit is gorgeous in a perfect palette of gold, mint, and ashy green, topped off with adorable off-white bloomers that make me wish I had a tangible excuse to dress like this every day of the week. And if these two ensembles have already taken your breath away, I think it’s safe to assume that you will fall head-over-heels for the pièce de résistance of this post, AKA the Proper Suit. Talk about “IT” factor. If I were ever to attend a Mad Tea Party, this would be the outfit, the one, the end-all, be-all. And while we’re fantasizing, please mark Falcor down as my +1.

Mandate of Heaven’s flagship store and studio are located at:
158 Cook Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206