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Lest all you ladies forget—we men have seasonal style needs too! Sure, the whole equation may be a bit more… simple, but it is just as integral to our summer style survival. As far as I’m concerned, there are five key parts to braving boiling temps so as to not look like a hot mess and they go a little something like this:

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarers, $159
You just can’t go wrong with this retro/Jake Gyllenhaal to-die-for look. It’s Classic with a capital C–and I’m really loving the pop of color added to the interior of the frames. It’s all in the details. Make sure to check out the Ray-Ban website for tons of additional colors.

2. Lacoste Polos $95
I mean, it doesn’t really get any more cute or classic than this. Tie a bit of fun color into your ensemble by donning a striped polo and topping the look off with a pair of khaki shorts.

3. Tom’s Slip-Ons, $78
Hey now, Tom’s aren’t so boring anymore! The brand is now offering up a new line of more elaborately designed slip-ons that still maintain that classic Tom’s shape we all know and love. I can’t get enough of this playful Octopus motif!

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lo-Fi Weekender Bag, $278
Perfect for a stylish weekend at the beach! Whether you want it for the label (ADMIT IT) or for the sheer convenience and versatility, this bag has it all. I love the structure of this bag.

5. Acqua Di Parma Capri Orange Eau de Toilette, $110
Make that first impression count: Acqua Di Parma’s Mediterranean blend of Sicilian orange, mandarin, Sorrento lemon, and grapefruit will have you snagging your latest object of affection in no time flat. This cologne will be your best friend on a hot summer day!



And this time, we’re talkin’ for your chemise, not your cheveux. Although, the latter is still totally cute and spot-on trend right now. Heck, wear ’em both–it’s getting hot out there!

Anyway, during our recent VG photoshoot, I decided to don an oversized tee with teeny tiny cut-offs only to realize that it ultimately looked like I was Porky Pig‘n it–no bueno. So, being that I was already in a hurry to get out the door, my first instinct was to grab a rubber band and fashion a cursory little ponytail knot off to the side of my shirt. Problem solved.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I begin to notice that this once defunct 80’s phenomena is back on the upswing. Fellow fashion blogger Kendi Lea pulls off the tee-knot with style and class, keeping her tops just ‘too-big’ enough to allow for a gentle gathering that rests on, or ever so slightly below, the natural waistline.

Another important thing to keep in mind is, well, to keep it simple, which actually holds true to the resurrection of any trend from decades past. Therefore, your top will be at its hottest when paired with something more modern–like a maxi, non-mom jean cut-offs, a high-waisted skirt, or even just your favorite pair of jeans. There are also some great ‘pre-knotted’ picks available in stores right now, but I really love the idea of picking up a soft, well-worn top from your local thrift store, cutting off the neckline and an amount of hem you feel comfortable with, plus some of the sleeve length–and voilà! You’ve just created a hot, one-of-a-kind design. For about a dollar.

1. Topshop Petite Knot Stripe Crop Top, $28
2. ASOS River Island Tie Dye Knot Back Tank, $21 (On sale and perfect for DIY knotting!)
3. Rachel Roy Knotted Tank, $79* (A twist on the trend!)
4. Threadsence Hooked On a Feeling Floral Chiffon Top, $24*
5. Nasty Gal Tied Bleach Tee, $38*
6. Urban Outfitters Your Eyes Lie Anchor Side Tee, $10 (On sale!)

Photo of Kendi Lea courtesy of


If you bug out at the mere sight of creepy crawlies and other tiny winged creatures, well then, this bounty of Etsy goodies may not be the treasure you’re seeking…

Insect imagery has been adorning many a fashionable person since ancient Egyptian times (think unbelievable scarab pieces featuring gold and lapis lazuli), however, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that people actually began to wear real insects encased in resin. Not to worry, though–you certainly won’t find any of these guys wiggling around on your wrist, sternum, or finger. Instead, you’ll be able to ‘get in touch with nature’ without chancing any unwanted live encounters. Works for us!

1. Colony Collapse Real Bee Ring, $25*
2. Jewel Beetle Wing Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet, $165*
3. Real Moth Eye Wing Necklace, $35
4. Oxidized Brass Egyptian Scarab Cuff, $49*
5. Sacred Scarab Beetle Earrings, $13
6. Real Fly Resin Ring, $28*
7. Butterfly Wing Pendant, $30
8. Emerald Green Lucite Bracelet with Real Beetles, $75*
9. Yellow Beetle Wing Ring, $12
10. Exotic Beetle Lucite Bracelet, $60*

*Items pictured above


Said to be the McQueen of footwear, the creations of Nicholas Kirkwood immediately reveal themselves to be part footwear, part… work of art. And yet, every single pair from the designer’s S/S 2011 Collection would serve as the perfect complement to the simplest of little black (white, or tan) dresses. Fashion fantasy alert! Salacious Gucci mini + NK footwear. Sigh–I could only HOPE to don an outfit that is just that bangin’ before I die. Hell, I’d wear any pair of these with a pair of vintage Levi’s and a white t-shirt, too, if I had the chance. Sometimes, fantasies really do come true… right?!

Well, you can imagine the price tags involved here (we’re talking around $800 and beyond), but functional design that incorporates devoré satin, hand-printed suede, and materials such as python, shaved stingray, and cobra has its price, people. The German-born-British-based designer has already lent a hand to the runway shows of Rodarte and Erdem, but select pieces of his work are also on sale to the general public at Neiman’s, Bluefly, Nordstrom, and Saks, were you can actually find the exact shoe worn on the Erdem runways—what say you to that? Yup, two mega-designers in one–for $850. Dress like a model, look like a badass. Where do I sign up?


It’s the year 1589. No wait, fast-forward. It’s 1985. Sorry for the confusion ladies, it’s just that Fallon’s S/S 2011 Collection is so… delightfully-gothic-medieval-with-an-edgy-modern-twist that I’m really losing all sense of place and time over here.

What I can state for a fact is that VG simply adores this brand, which has been donned by the likes of Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester and Blake Lively and has recently graced the pages of InStyle, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar as well. Designer Dana Lorenz stands at the helm of the label and boasts a serious resume of fabulousness, including collaborations with our favorite awe-inspiring duo, Proenza Schouler, as well as Thakoon. From ornately decorated earrings reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet to dagger-like rings, gem-laden cuffs and necklaces, Lorenz proves that there is really something for everyone here. She also proves true that time-tested mantra of more is more, and we here at VG heartily concur.

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Have you always wanted to don the patent leather of a S&M domme but never had the figurative cojones to do so? Us too. And boy have we found a way to naughty-up below the knees without going full-on freak show…

United Nude’s S/S 2011 Iris van Herpen Collection brings all new meaning to the idea bound feet. 100 limited edition pairs, 100% hand-crafted, these shoes are 100% worth it at $995 a pop. It’s like sex, but on your foot. And available in black, tan, and off-white, these shoes will allow you to dominate year-round.


Last week, celebs of all sorts were flocking to France for the Cannes Film Festival, and one of our favorite designers, a certain Mr. Karl Lagerfeld,  seized the opportunity to launch Chanel‘s resort collection at the famous five-star Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, a show that turned out to be, in most ways, rather simple in a very Chanel way…

There was a lot of black and white, a lot of lace, and there wasn’t really much unveiled that was entirely unexpected… that is, aside from gorgeous male model Baptiste Giabiconi‘s prance down the runway. Lagerfeld sought to surprise everyone at the very end of the show by sending Baptiste down the catwalk in, yep, a white diamond turban.

Now, I’m not sure if I would necessarily suggest this look to the fabulous modern-day men I know, but I must say that Baptiste looks damn good in it. I’ve already said his name three times, can you tell I’ve already fallen for this magnificent man in a turban? Maybe they’re not just a trendy statement piece for women after all. Hmm. Regardless, if anyone can make a case for the menswear turban statement piece, it’s certainly my new boyfriend, Baptiste.