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Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen. In a flowing, red-hot chiffon gown, Mila looks like a sultry work of art, allowing the true beauty of this water-colored wonder speak for itself by pairing it with nude lips and simple, tousled locks. Perfection.

Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta. While Schiaparelli‘s shocking pink certainly holds a special place in my heart, this dress should be manufactured by Matel. More specifically, under the limited edition Barbie Goes to Camp Campy. Between the hap-hazard straps, too-high slit, and unnecessary belt, this is, simply put, a disaster.  

Kate Hudson redeems herself ten-fold after her GG’s disaster in a white to-die-for Emilio Pucci gown that’s part angel, part temptress–basically, everything I strive to be. Honorable Mention: I’ve got to squeeze in Annette Bening, who was, without a doubt, the hottest, most put together woman of a certain age around, donning a shimmering Tony Ward Couture gown that reminds us– yet again–how she got Warren to finally settle down after all those years. Talk about inspiring.

It actually kind of pains me to deem Kim Kardashian in Marchesa my worst dressed, since, well… WHAT IS SHE EVEN DOING AT THE SAGS AGAIN? Because it looks like the reality show—ahem–actress par excellence got lost on her way to the annual Bond Girl Beauty Pageant. Sorry, your boobs ain’t gettin’ you out of this one, KK. Also, we’re over you wearing asymmetrical, skin-tight EVERYTHING. That, and this is just plain bad.

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Let’s talk about Lanvin’s S/S 2011 collection. It is Lanvin, the expectation is that you’ve got to like it–right? I suppose, but it’s just that after watching the show, I felt that there was a striking lack of color, which really came as a personal shock to me because spring–and especially this spring–is and should be all about color, no? Upon review of a slew of other high designers’ 2011 spring collections, all I see is a bevy of bold shades of the bright pink and orange variety. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much like the collection, and it does incorporate a bit of gratuitous color here and there; I just wish it had more of the exciting fresh ‘spring’ feel that we have all come to expect. And, what, with this harsh winter going the way it has so far, a bit of a color boost is exactly the pick-me-up this girl needs. What are your thoughts on the collection?



Perhaps it’s the ridiculously low temperatures that have been making my thoughts turn to daydreaming of swimsuits–something I generally want to run away from like the bubonic plague. Despite my natural inclinations to want to avoid these aforementioned articles of clothing (and torture, in my opinion), Australian swimsuit brand We Are Handsome has remained on my list of “things to buy when I have $300 to spare” for over a year now. The brand recently debuted its latest collection, entitled The Aviary, which in all honesty, is compelling me to spend irresponsibly for days.

Each print from this collection has been custom designed and represents a unique mythical bird from various ancient world mythologies. Another point of interest is the production process; these brightly colored suits have been “placement printed.” What, pray tell, is placement printing? It means that each set of feathers printed on the swimsuit has no repeat patterns, giving you a bathing suit that literally no other sunbathing beauty on the beach will have. Wait! There is one more thing that has me going gaga for this swimwear: the cuts. While the brand certainly does make some less than ample bikinis, they have also managed to craft one-piece swimsuits that are sexy, yet sure to stay in place while you’re doing your share of romping around in those warm, summer waves.

Check out the We Are Handsome website for a list of online retailers and select locations in NYC and California.


If I could have a wardrobe that consisted solely of vintage pieces, I’d be an extremely happy camper. There is something so satisfying about vintage clothing–the quality, the uniqueness, the bit of digging that is usually required to find what you want, and the fact that vintage clothing somehow gives any outfit an instant dash of je ne sais quoi. Luckily for me (and the entire internet-using world, for that matter), there is a plethora of awesome online vintage out there, from Ebay to Etsy and everything in-between. Here are my five picks for the best online spots to get yourself a wardrobe stuffed to the brim with vintage-y goodness.

1. Sisters of the Black Moon
If the bohemian rock ‘n roll vibe is your deal, look no further than Sisters of the Black Moon. This trio of black magic women have a knack for finding some of the best pieces from the 70’s that I have ever seen. And their photo editorials? Out of this world!
Current favorite: 1970’s Brown with Lace Cotton Maxi Dress

2. Closet Case Vintage
There is no doubt in my mind that Nashville-based Carmen Jaudon, owner of Closet Case Vintage, has an eye for old clothing. And talk about variety! Her store includes items that range from a drool-worthy 30’s lace organza wedding gown to 80’s concert t-shirts.
Current favorite: 1920’s Maroon Embroidered Dress

3. Sally Jane Vintage
Jennifer at Sally Jane Vintage always seems to find clothing that embodies a classic vibe. You can never go wrong with her selection, especially since she has partnered up with Smilin’ Gal Vintage, a Lancaster, PA fixture.
Current favorite: Knit Cardigan Dress

4. Little Orphan Fannie
Pretty is the name of the game at Little Orphan Fannie. For sweet 50’s dresses and a great selection of slip dresses, this is your one-stop shop for an overdose of feminine.
Current favorite: 1950’s Pink Lace Party Dress

5. Indiecult Vintage
The woman who runs Indiecult Vintage must have the midas touch. Her shop is consistently filled with amazing, on-trend vintage duds. Not only that, but her styling is impeccable, making everything in the online storefront even more desirable.
Current favorite: Black & White Sequined Jacket


Step 1: Don’t be afraid. We know you love to take center stage on karaoke night, so why not live the dream by rockin’ a pair of leather pants to match? True, you mostly see them in places like high fashion epicenters like NYC or in Europe, but I think it’s high time we get over our leather pant-related hang-ups and get to fulfilling our rock star fantasies.

Step 2: Find a good fit. Just as you would search for a well-fitted jean, you too will need to search for a well-fitted leather pant. There are so many brands, cuts, and styles out there at various price points, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding a pair that works for your specific body type. In fact, here are a couple of picks to get you started.

Pictured from left to right:
Topshop Faux Leather Stretch Skinny Pant, $80
Free People Blank Faux Leather Pant, $88
INC Faux Leather Skinny Pant, $26* Budget option

Step 3: Mix and mingle. Leather pants are statement makers on their own, so you won’t need much to make them look over-the-top hot. I prefer pairing them with an oversized tee or blouse, a few necklaces and wedge boots. Mix it up though–try yours with a blazer or cool cape layered on top.  Also, keep your shoes simple; whether you’re going for a hard, rocker look with boots or a clean, hyper-chic ensemble with pumps, you’ll want to let your legs do the talking with this outfit. And most importantly, once you’ve pulled yourself all together, head out with confidence: ’cause baby, you know you’re gonna be turning heads left and right when you’re rockin’ leather pants.

Photograph provided courtesy of Garrett Frandsen


If you’re like me, you sign up for all of your favorite clothing brand mailing lists, and you already know it’s SALE SEASON. Yes, it is that glorious time of year to snag everything you’ve had on your wish lists (but resisted) for mad cheap. So I’ve scoured my email blasts and compiled a list of the best sites, sales, and deals around (online, that is). I personally recommend jumping on the sale train before all the new spring stuff floods onto the scene (bringing with it an entirely new wave of temptation) taking over our brains and budgets with high hopes of warmer weather.

One of the greatest things about sale season is the fact that retailers are ready and willing to make you happy if it means: 1. More sales for them and 2. A smaller loss in profit from unsold merchandise. A perfect example of this would be the Deena and Ozzy Tread Boot I found on sale at Urban Outfitters. Urban’s site didn’t have my size, so I called up a store and scored a pair for the online sale price of $30, even though they were still $68 in-store. Lots of stores are willing to do this in order to MOVE that MERCH. Spring is around the corner, and if winter sale items are taking up space–and customers’ attention–by the time V-Day rolls around, stores won’t be selling their new duds in time to keep the fashion hamster wheel turning. Get my drift? The sale scene can be a fun game, but be sure not to go nuts as soon as the sales flags start flying. Patience is key. something that is 20% off today could be 40% off by the end of the week. True, it’s a risk to hold your horses on all those dream purchases but if it means you can save some loot, I’d say it’s worth it.

Check out some of these sites that boast new sales everyday:

This is the sweetest site for scoring designer duds at up to 80% off. I AM NOT LYING. Ideeli’s sales can last up to 40 hours, but usually end as soon as everything is sold out (about one day). As of today, the site is listing Nicole Miller Spun Scarves (at over half off, HELLO!). And I hope you are sitting down for this one: MUKS for 57% off, dude! But don’t be sad if a sale ends before you get your credit card ready, the best thing about sites like this is that there are new sales everyday for men, women, kids–even travel goodies.

Whether you are shopping online or in-store, Zara’s sales are ah-mazing. In my eyes, Zara’s forte lies in its basics, so be sure to stock up on turtlenecks, tees, pants, and cardigans that will last forever but won’t cost you a fortune.

I know you’ve heard of this one, but Piperlime truly stands alone in its versatile brand selection and generous markdowns. Imagine your favorite Free People tank for less, or that hard-to-find Greylin dress you’ve been eyeing since September–at 60% off! This site is also great for deals on shoes and accessories. I also love the Girl on a Budget section; I learn about tons of new lines just by browsing!

Happy shopping!


Some say that menswear for women is a lingering trend, some say it’s back, and some argue it never left in the first place. What is indisputable is how it has essentially transformed the couture runways, especially in the case of Phoebe Philo’s pre-fall collection for Céline. Smokin’ hot cigarette slacks. Mod mocknecks. Tailored trenches. Corset jumpsuits. Amazing. And each fabric choice is deliberate, yet exciting all the same.

Highlights include pieced together Japanese raw denim, foxtail embellishments on envelope clutches, camouflaged Harris and Shetland tweeds, and iridescent PVC paneling on boxy coats. You can find the complete collection in all its glory, as well as Nicole Phelps’s review, here.

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