Mid-November is officially upon us and as the days dominated by sultry Scorpios roll on out, it’s time we start to make way for those dedicated to feisty fire sign Sagittarius. Restless, honest, optimistic and outgoing, everyone’s gotta love a Sag. In fact, we’d like to use our centaur friends as the starting point to kickoff VG’s new series of astrology-inspired outfits. Why, you ask? Because it’s fun, that’s why. Whether you’re a believer or not, who doesn’t get at least a teeny bit of amusement out of astrology? So, go ahead–dare to channel your inner aventurier, because this is one astrological ami that likes to keep things interesting.

The Sagittarius gal is often on the go. She is worldly and loves to travel, so a chic passport holder and a practical yet stylish go-to carry-all bag, like this ‘Voyage’ Satchel from Marc by Marc Jacobs, to house all her travel essentials is a must; our Sag friends are always poised and ready to hit the road unexpectedly, as spontaneity is their middle name. That said, fashionable functionality is also something that will rub your beloved Sag the right way. Look for two-in-ones like this pretty little solid perfume necklace by Clinique that doubles as an accessory and an easily portable scent. Also, pick out garments with plenty of pockets. The Sagittarius is practical in this way. This Sleeveless Pocket Dress by label Joseph is perfect. Lest we forget, too, that comfort is also key. Unlike fellow fires signs Leo and Aries, who tend to be a bit more… flamboyant when it comes to fashion, Sag isn’t necessarily wild about sacrificing comfort for style, so be sure to pick out footwear that is as comfy as it is cute—the latter is certainly important (Sag’s are definitely self-aware), just not the dominant factor. These Knee-High Boots w/Buckle Detail by Gianni Bini achieve an ideal balance between style and function, as do Hunter’s Boot Buckle Mid Calf Rain Boots—possibly the sexiest pair of wellies we’ve laid eyes on in a while.

Ever the world traveler, you can always please a Sag by offering up some ethnic-inspired jewelry (which has all but saturated the market right now—no excuses!), but we are also in love with this Arrow Drop Necklace by House of Harlow 1960, which nods to the centaur, the half-man/half-horse symbol of Sagittarius who is almost always depicted wielding his bow and arrow. If you’re not really digging the solid perfume necklace, you can also opt for an exotic, travel-friendly roll-on scent like Dyptique’s Eau de Tarocco, which appears to be the quintessential glob-trotter’s dream scent, reminiscent of the ‘Mediterranean in winter and the freshness of fruit plucked from trees, combining sweet Italian Tarocco orange, Florida orange and Bulgarian rose.’

When it comes to color, rich blues and purples are those most closely associated with Sagittarius—especially deep purple tones like the eggplant shade in this beautiful Robert Rodriguez Silk-Chiffon Dress. Sag is also ruled by the hips, thighs, and pelvic area (yes, every sign is associated with a region of the body), made all too clear by sexy Sag and mouth-dropping muse for Nicolas Ghesquière, Jennifer Connelly, in an ad campaign for Balenciaga a couple years back. We think these shots of Connelly illustrate the best of what bold Sagittarian hips can buy. Damn.

And, finally, when it comes to beauty accents, go classic–just be sure as all hell not to go boring. The Sagittarius woman loathes boring. A rich red is always a no-fail; go for shades that are practical in that they never go out of style, but also ones that make a statement. Again, versatility is an important quality for the Sag gal, and this ‘Lady is a Tramp’ Signature Red by Deborah Lippmann is about as bold and tasteful as versatility gets.

So, in the end, whether you’re looking to emulate a Sag or you just happen to have one at the top of your Holiday gift list, we hope that you can use this little celestial, centaur-centered story as a guide in your quest for Sagittarius fabulosity, regardless of the place you personally occupy in the zodiac.

1. Clinique Aromatics Elixir Solid Perfume Necklace, $65
2. Deborah Lippmann ‘Lady is a Tramp’ Classic Signature Red, $16
3. Gianni Bini ‘Brooks’ Buckle Details Knee High Boots, $150
4. Joseph Kenya Sleeveless Pocket Dress, $213
5. Hunter Boot Buckle Mid-Calf Rain Boot, $195
6. Diptyque L’Eau de Tarocco Roll-On Cologne, $48
7. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Newbury Passpsort Cover, $48*
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Voyage Satchel, $498
9. House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Drop Necklace, $80
10. Robert Rodriguez Printed Sik-Chiffon Dress, $141

*Not pictured

Photo of Jennifer provided courtesy of


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