Mmm, watermelon desserts, juicy fruit cocktails, colorful parfaits…

This summer, why not translate Mother Nature’s mouth-watering treats into some fun, fashionable looks? The runways sure seem to think it’s a good idea! I am loving all the S/S 2011 collections featuring bold, fruity prints. ‘Tis the season for Carmen Miranda-inspired ensembles, ladies! I also love how these motifs are daring enough to make a statement but wearable enough to sport sans high fashion runway. Imagine yourself looking finger lickin’ good in one of these unique, beautiful pieces at that neighborhood barbeque, gawking at 4th of July fireworks, or even at an important summer business meeting…

No matter the time or place, you’re bound to look super fresh (and super ‘now’) in any fruit print of your choosing. If you hesitate to take a dip into this trend pool, have no fear, there are plenty of fruit-inspired accessories to go around as well. Most of the picks I’ve selected are ripped from this season’s runways, but there are more than enough wallet-friendly options focused on fruit to be found at Topshop, ASOS, and Net-a-Porter

Remember: Finding your favorite fruit-inspired fashion is no different than picking out produce at the market; you’ve gotta make sure the piece is ripe enough before you bring it home–don’t be hasty now. Take your time finding the right piece for you and you’ll avoid getting stuck with a bad apple before the season’s through.

Happy picking!

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