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In celebration of her upcoming A/W ’10 collection launch with Topshop, supermodel Kate Moss has released this video of her and her “gal pals” Adwoa Aboah, Cara Delevigne, Genevieve Garner, Roslyn Holman, and Jessica Horton, trying on their favorite pieces from Moss’s new line. (You know, just shooting the sh/t in their personal shopping suite, no big deal.)

The reason why this actually is such a big deal this time around is that this fourteenth collection is rumored to be the last ever that Moss will design for the British high street brand; though, the idea of future collaborations on other projects hasn’t been entirely dismissed… (Hmmm… do I smell a possible marketing ploy?)

Here are a few preview images of Kate doing her thing, and looking all kinds of incredible while doing it, but of course.

Steady yourselves, because in two days (that’s Tuesday, November 2nd), the heavily Bohemian-influenced collection will go up for grabs on
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But where does it come from?
And does anyone know who produced this ribcage harness?


Sometimes I look at these Hunter boots and I’m like, Yeah! A chic spin on galoshes–brilliant! And other times I look at them and it’s more, Hmmm… really though? Shouldn’t we just let galoshes be galoshes? OR: ahem, excuse me, to refer to them as Hunter does, rubber rain boots…?

Full disclosure: A pair of classic black Hunter rubber rain boots is at the top of my Holiday wish list. And something tells me that they will stay there. I guess I feel like the Savoys have a bit too much novelty infused into something so practical… maybe, I’ll never decide. Thoughts?


Jolie Laide Gallery will introduce a huge group installation next (First) Friday, curated by New York artist Wendy White and we here at VERY GLOSSY are highly anticipating the opening. DE-NATURE will exhibit a full line-up of work from an omnifarious roster of New York City and Brooklyn-based artists set to include: Brian Belott, Paul DeMuro, Rachel Foullon, Liz Markus, Sarah Peters, Lamar Peterson, and Bill Saylor.

A solo exhibition of drawings by Simon Slater entitled I’m Afraid will open the same night in the gallery’s project space; I’ve had a bit of a sneak preview of this and it’s going to be nothing short of amazing/ bewildering/ humorous/ and possibly even a little uncomfortable, but in the best and most welcomed of ways.

Here are a few bites I’ve selected for you to chew on; the rest you will have to come and experience on November 5th:

Paul DeMuro

Liz Markus

Brian Belott

For directions to Jolie Laide (located next to the Philadelphia Convention Center) please visit the gallery’s website.


What? Victoria’s Secret has… cute clothes?


Yes my friends, it’s true. VS isn’t all about just bras and panties anymore. They have clothing. Ok well, they’ve had clothing for a long while now but it wasn’t until the past couple of years or so that they’ve really stepped up their game in the garment department. This stuff is not only socially acceptable but also not completely tasteless, and maybe kind of cute. Good for them!

In years past, I’d always seem to associate VS clothing with the likes of Spiegel catalog (yikes) and Newport News (that goes double), both of which made me feel really yucky inside. (Still do.) But gone are those days, I’ve shed them and moved on, and ordered this dress* the other day as an act of good faith in sealing “our” new covenant. I’m so nice… to myself.

But, of course, you don’t have to take my word for it–no, no, no. I have photographic evidence, lifted straight from their site. Behold:

EXHIBIT A: Slouchy Fair Isle Sweaterdress, $88*

EXHIBIT B: Tweedy Dress, $68

EXHIBIT C: Slouchy Cable Sweaterdress, $78

EXHIBIT D: Marled Sweaterdress, $59

I rest my case.
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Just yesterday, my sister-in-law paid me a compliment on a necklace I had purchased from Kohl’s (of all places), and it got me thinking: I’m really not at the age where I feel the compelling desire to start collecting “timeless pieces” of the fine jewelry variety. Instead, my focus lies more in what’s most affordable, what’s on-trend, and what looks good.

If you too are in need of a quick and shiny pick-me-up and would like to conserve a buck or two in the process, well then, Kohl’s may be just the place for you. After sifting through the retailer’s website, I thought I’d share a mini-selection of (unexpected) best bets for a variety of occasions.

For Night Wear: Dana Buchman Gold Tone Multihoop Necklace, $22

The Reliable Statement Piece: Simply Vera Jet-Tone Mesh Knotted Necklace, $22

A Touch of Trendy Sparkle: Mudd Gold-Tone Glitter Bangle Bracelet Set, $7

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Earlier this year, I had heard from a friend that Jimmy Choo and UGG were going to be collaborating on a line of footwear. At the time, I brushed it off as just another urban shoe myth that would come to fruition, but I was wrong. To be clear: I am not a fan, per say, of Uggs. However, I will admit that I do own a pair… or two. They are just… super comfortable. And I like how they keep my feet warm. But at the same time I kind of just want Uggs to go away. So as you see, I kind of have a love/hate relationship going on here. Once I think they’re finally out, they turn around come back around again… and this time, they’ve backed it up with some Jimmy Choo star-power.

As it turns out this limited edition collection launched just this month, offering five designs based on classic Ugg boots, but this time, with Jimmy Choo studding, stars, grommets, leopard, zebra and hobo fringing details. The boots range in price from $595, all the way up to $795. Hmmm. When I first saw them at Bergdorf Goodman, I found myself questioning whether they were for adults or children. Let’s just say I wasn’t thrilled at the sight of them. Here is what Jimmy Choo’s co-founder, Tamara Mellon has to say for the collaboration:

Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG Australia is really the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe. I wear it at home in New York, on holiday in Malibu and as an essential travel accessory for my plane wardrobe. We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands – the legendary comfort of UGG with the spirit of Jimmy Choo.

Okay, Tamara, SELL IT!

But really, I’m not entirely sold. I still can’t seem to shake the feeling that these boots were made for children. Am I alone here? Anyone?
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