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Ladies and gents, sadly, 2010 is coming to a close. It was a helluva year, so you know what that means: it’s time to celebrate! Get out those glittery dresses and party bullhorns and plow through the sludge-laden streets of insert-your-city-here ’cause dagnabbit, this day comes but only once a year and as we can all vouch, when pretty much anything goes.

In many ways, the past year has been a bit rough; Haiti certainly didn’t get dealt a good hand, to put it lightly, and there have been so many natural disasters to occur that all the Al Gore haters out there are definitely thinking twice. So, in light of the fast approaching New Year and starting afresh, we’d like to point out a few of 2010‘s most notable fashion highlights, because the rapid-paced fashion world stops for no one, and it’s only a matter of time before they too are forgotten:

Doc Martens
The news of the Doc Marten revival was happy news for us all. Available in an endless array of hues and prints, we love that we can rely on our trusty Doc Marten lace-ups for all-day comfort and style. (Have you seen the just released Victorian Flowers boot from their A/W 2010 collection?)

The fact that they exist, that moms everywhere know what they are and are dying to know where to score a pair, is pretty remarkable in and of itself.

Oxford Shoes
The manic menswear trend of 2009 bled well into 2010 and women’s footwear much to the delight of shoe enthusiasts far and wide. We appreciate trends that can be pulled off by most anyone and this is certainly one of those trends.

Warm and cozy, not to mention comfortable, we welcomed shearling back with outstretched arms. We remember you when you were hot in the 90’s and we’re glad your glory day has once again arisen. Shearling, you can line our coats, booties, and mittens any day.

They may have received a mixed reception at first, but the ‘high-drama’ accessory (introduced by Prada in 2007) has finally found a place in the hearts (and domes) of celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

Embellished Press-on Nails
Remember that time you didn’t have a half hour to spend on yourself at the salon so you took a little ‘shortcut’ instead? We do too. Press-on nails have officially become socially acceptable, and why shouldn’t they be? Check out this handmade set by Tana Nail, ‘Starry Sky.’




It’s official; winter is here. And we don’t know about you, but we’re finding our reasons to stay inside piling high as the mounds of foreboding snow that greet us at every street corner. So if you’re looking for a bit of motivation to get you out of the door and face-to-face with Old Man Winter once again, we suggest you turn your attention to one exciting trend we’re wild about: the return of fresh, pristine winter whites. Once reserved for the year’s warmer seasons, they’re taking over this winter’s beauty, outerwear, and accessory palettes–everywhere. Check out our Snow Queen Collection for some of our favorite takes!

Carly J. Cais White Faux Foxtail Keychain, $35
Philosophy Coconut Lip Frosting, $10
Paul and Joe Minuet Nail Polish, $14
Rejoice The Hands Porcupine Quill Tassel Earrings, $110
Mackage Renee Coat, $396
Esquivel Jeannie Boot, $440



Photos courtesy of


I like to measure how well our Best Dressed Celeb gets the job done not only by her red carpet appeal, but also by what she wears out to dinner with friends, what she’s spotted in when grabbing a cup of joe, or what she dons while fighting the paparazzi after a late night out. Why? Because we all look fabulous with our hair and makeup professionally done and certainly after some fantastic stylist tosses a Chanel frock our way. Having a great sense of style is a different matter entirely and absolutely crucial when it comes to nabbing my Best Dressed vote.

So when I saw Emma Roberts strolling among the goddesses of Hollywood (Hilary Swank, Diane Kruger, and Jessica Alba) at a recent red carpet event, I thought to myself: Wasn’t she in that movie with Zach Galifianakis in the psych ward (aka: It’s Kind of a Funny Story)? After a wee bit of IMDB snooping, I found out that she has not, in fact, entered stardom overnight. Case in point: Any of you recall seeing her light up theaters as the lead in the Nancy Drew film of 2007? Or perhaps it was as Adrianna Bragg in Lymelife with Alec Baldwin? Not that one either? Well, Emma Roberts has lent her pretty face to a whopping seven films in 2010, so you’ll certainly have ample chance to get to know her; keep a lookout because we can only expect great things to come from the niece of the one and only Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts.

Photos provided courtesy of Roberts’s devoted fan page, which is updated daily with new shots of the fashion-friendly budding siren.


It may be colder than a witch’s tit on the dark side of an iceberg lately, but that doesn’t mean you have to look ho-hum just to keep the heat in. While I love, and pretty much live in, solid color leggings, pretty polar patterns seem to be popping up everywhere (I also love alliteration). At first glance, they can come off as a bit daunting but as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple, these little “legwarmers” are pretty easy to incorporate. And who doesn’t have a bevy of basics in their closet already? So, let’s get started.

INSPIRATION: Alexander McQueen Catacomb Knit Legging, $419

Clockwise from top left: Timeless Trinkets Antique Shirt Stud Necklace, $24; Forever 21 Faux Camel Hair Coat, $38; Timeless Trinkets Gryphon Necklace $24, Topshop Long-Sleeved Tri-Marl Top, $32; Forever 21 Distressed Leatherette Work Boots, $35; Mango Drape Pocket Cardigan, $43; Nasty Gal Navajo Leggings, $38

For the bohemian in all of us (or for those aspire to become ultra-sweet Jenny Lewis or VG’s ever-lovely Sarah), there are lots of great affordable options out there–from Native American to Nordic. My current favorite is Nasty Gal‘s Navajo Stripe Legging. To make the scattered stripes of taupe-y gold really pop, pair them with this mustard marl tunic from Topshop. Then, seal the deal with staple pieces, like Forever 21‘s Distressed High Heel Boots, or Mango‘s Drape Pocket Cardi in beige (you want to balance out the fitted leggings with loose layers on top) and a camel coat.

INSPIRATION: Acne Cadena Printed Legging, $229

Clockwise from top left: The Letter G Bianca Earrings, $34; ThreadSence Cloud 9 Chunky Sweater, $39; Cheap Monday Geo Printed Leggings, $26; Collina Strada Sierra Bag, $100; BC Dark Matter Shoe, $50

Now, for all you mathematical mavens out there, or those who just love long hard… lines, there are lots of goodies out there for you too! My pick is Cheap Monday‘s Geo Print Legging, if anything, for their “simplistic chaos.” I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking, the white banding upper-mid thigh will cut your legs into sad stumpy little bits–but I beg to differ. The placement of the smaller squares, coupled with the meandering seam line, keep the eye busy and moving up the leg, actually making you appear taller (BIG plus for me!). Another reason I picked these? Because they just happen to go so well with our beloved Collina Strada Sierra Bag, which is still on sale at Urban Outfitters, btw. Now, again, since we’re pretty busy on the bottom and have added a sizeable bag to the mix, let’s keep the rest simple. To keep those legs looking long and lean and your tootsies nice and toasty, opt for a similar colored boot, like BC‘s Dark Matter Shoe. Then, either dig into your closet for your favorite snuggle sweater in white or light gray, or go for this one from ThreadSence with a long tank layered underneath to cover your bum (if you so desire).


I am in love with so many gloves right now. It’s kind of overwhelming. Am I the only one that’s noticed the rise in amazing choices when it comes to… err, handwear (gloves, hand warmers, mittens, etc.) lately? And can I just say what a relief it is that the fingerless variety have finally made their way into the mainstream–you’ve gotta love a highly functional glove. Perhaps we have text messaging to thank…

I really love how gloves can instantly transform the feel of an outfit; all of a sudden, boom: your run-of-the-mill black pea coat is something interesting.

Here are some of the best options out there:

1. Lauren Urstadt Chain Fringe Gloves, $135
2. Juicy Couture Lace Printed Short Gloves, $85
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Ruffle Driving Gloves, $98
4. Rag & Bone Women’s Moto Gloves, $185
5. Juicy Couture Sequin Mini Hand Warmers, $45
6. Moschino Grey Sweetheart Angora Gloves, $71
7. Marni Merino Wool Gloves, $170
8. Forever 21 Multi Knit Gloves, $5
9. Modcloth KIT Gloves, $35
10. Topshop Peach Studded Gloves, $32
11. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Quilted Leather Gloves, $48
12. DVF Victoria Short Gloves in sand, $129
13. Mackage Jaclyn Gloves, $125
14. Free People Broken Fairisle Long Gloves, $38
15. Mod Cloth Snap Mittens, $60



Whether it be an enormous infinity scarf or a thick, oversized-cable knit (or both), one thing is for certain: the fashion cosmos wants you sporting a big ass scarf this winter. In fact, mine is so big, I almost feel like an idiot wearing it indoors (ALMOST). This season’s scarf means serious business. Let’s get down to it…

The good news is that there are tons of choices out there since the common thematic thread here is basically ‘oversized.’ That and–let’s face it: the cable knit scarf isn’t exactly core-shaking (not that it can’t be!)…

Anyway, options abound. Why don’t you let me reel in a few of my favorites for you:

1. Michael Stars Coziest Cable Eternity Scarf, $92
2. ASOS Premium Pure Lambswool Cable Scarf, $97
3. Charlotte Russe Cable Knit Fringe Scarf, $17
4. Diane von Furstenburg, Elyse Scarf, $245
5. Free People Cable Ground Grazer Scarf, $38
6. Anthropologie The Grand Tour Loop, $58