Ladies, listen here: Gone are the days when buying a ‘modest’ bathing suit meant sacrificing the ‘cute’ factor. In fact, retro-inspired swimwear is back with a vengeance, and we’re here to tell you that you can still look super sassy, yet leave your worries behind when it comes to falling out of your suit while by the posing by the pool, sauntering at the beach, or doing whatever it is you do near whichever body of water it is that you fancy.

Retro suits are generally found in a few forms, namely the sheath and the skirted or high-waisted two-piece. With the sheath on your side, there’s pretty much no way you won’t look like a pin-up bombshell. Also note: this style is extremely slimming and keeps the hips covered, an area of the body that many a lady are oftentimes hesitant to show off. However, if you’re into revealing a bit more skin, the high-waisted or skirted two-pieces are most likely your best bet. After all, these are swimwear options in which you can… ACTUALLY SWIM IN. And, with the wealth of top options available, there are tons of possibilities for mixing and matching!

1. My Baby Jo One-Piece Classic Cherry Print Sheath, $72
2. Cherries Swim Black Retro Doily Bikini, $120
3. Minnow Bathers Plaid Ultra High-Waisted Two-Piece, $135
4. Manoush Sequin-Embellished Leopard Print Swimsuit, $129
5. Jantzen Heritage Ruffled Bikini Top & Ruffled Skirted Bottom, $118
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Colette High-Waist Bikini, $192
7. Yesteryear Glam One-Piece, $128




  1. Ahh, be still my heart. The Jantzen suit is GORGEOUS.

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  2. very nice! thanks for your share.

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