Daily Archives: 04.13.2011


As a kid, I would pray to God to give me glasses. What a fun, little accessory! And those cases! Or so I thought. Nearly twenty years later, I’m constantly told to thank God for blessing me with 20/20 vision. And I am thankful!

But lately, I’ve found myself wishing, all over again, I had a reason to rock some sweet specs. It all started with my love for the look as seen in Catherine Malandrino’s Fall 2011 Collection. There’s just something about geeky chic that is super sexy. It’s that feeling of something unknown and unexpected lurking underneath frames that only accentuate by contrast, not hide, the beauty that lies under them. An intriguing dynamic, I’d say. I’m spotting what are labeled as ‘fashion glasses’–made solely for style, not purpose–popping up all over the place, including in some of my favorite online coves. You can also opt for vintage frames and insert clear lenses–whatever you prefer. Regardless, if you dare, there are all sorts of options out there. Oversized is the ultimate, but if you’re not about to go that far, you can downplay impact a bit by going with slightly smaller frames, like these Rancho Dakota Vintage Eyeglasses ($39). Obviously, black is classic when it comes to color, but I love the transparent and tortoise frames as well.

My prayers may not have been answered (yet), but at least I can toy with the idea of tiding myself over until that day comes…

1. MOD Vintage Shop Brown Pattern Vintage Eyeglasses, $29*
2. MOD Vintage Shop Harvard Vintage Eyeglasses, $59*
3. ASOS Retro Clear Lens Geeky Specs, $22*
4. ASOS Jeepers Peepers Fred Wooden Clear Frame Glasses, $25
5. Super Sunglasses Ciccio Glasses, $126
6. Super Sunglasses People Glasses, $187

*These items are pictured in order of their listing