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1. I have to ask…where does the name Sally Jane Vintage come from?
Well, it’s actually a childhood nickname. My dad never called any of us kids (I have a brother and a sister) by our given names, and somehow I got the moniker Sally Jane. I’m not sure where it came from other than from his imagination.

2. You have been selling on Etsy since 2009 and have over 2,000 sales. That is not only awe-inspiring to other independent sellers, but it is also quite a feat considering you’ve only been at it for three years. What was the most difficult thing about starting out selling your beautiful vintage finds? Why did you choose Etsy, and how long did it take you to gain such a loyal following?
Thanks so much! I felt like it was quite a milestone to hit the 2,000 sales mark. I made the switch from eBay to Etsy in 2009 after I soured on eBay for a variety of reasons. Since I was already selling vintage online, it was a pretty easy transition. I found Etsy to be the quaint online mom & pop shop in contrast to the giant ‘shopping mall’ that is eBay. Frankly, I felt like I was getting lost in the crowd on eBay and really liked the atmosphere and aesthetic of Etsy. I still feel like I’m small potatoes compared to some of the amazing sellers that populate the Etsy site but I’m happy and it keeps me busy and that’s all that matters.

3. Your vintage collections are perfectly curated, from colors to themes and inspirations. How do you come up with all these unique compositions? I guess what I mean is, what are your personal inspirations behind selling the vintage you find? Are you on the hunt for certain pieces to pair together or is more of a natural whatever finds you kind of process?
Thanks again! I really enjoy putting together those little collections. Sometimes, it’s based around a certain color, other times a specific time period or silhouette. There’s no real science to the process. It usually comes together pretty organically. I think when I’m hunting for vintage I’m naturally attracted to pieces in certain colors or fabrics or shapes so I quickly accumulate pieces in a similar theme and the collections just come together. Although, sometimes, I fall in love with something that doesn’t fit into a collection and I end up holding onto it for months before I can figure out how to work it in. As for the inspiration behind the vintage that I sell, I love to find pieces that are truly wearable and fit seamlessly into any gal’s wardrobe. As much as I admire the sellers that stock their shops full of gorgeous party dresses (who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that all day?), I really strive to find vintage pieces that can be seamlessly incorporated into a modern wardrobe and worn time and time again.

4. This is also an obligatory question: How did you get into buying and selling vintage?
I’ve always had a love for thrift shopping and vintage. Even as far back as high school (in the early ’90s!), I was scouring thrift stores for unique things to wear. Of course there was no Internet back then and it never occurred to me that I would be able to set up a virtual shop and sell vintage to gals around the world. By the time I moved to LA, the world of selling vintage online was exploding and I looked and what other people were doing and thought, “I could do that!” I took $200 with me down to Melrose Avenue and bought as much vintage as I could ($200 doesn’t go very far in LA!) and listed the pieces on eBay. To my utter surprise and delight, everything I listed the first week sold and I haven’t stopped since.

5. Given the New Year has just arrived and everyone’s got the future on their minds, where do you see Sally Jane Vintage in five years? Is this something that you want to do for the rest of your life, or will there ever come a day when you decide you just want to keep everything you’ve found because it’s all so awesome?
For the time being, I’m happy maintaining my current shop in its current state. Perhaps as technology advances, I’ll have to keep up and who knows what that will mean. I know I’d like to be involved with vintage in some regard forever. Again, who knows what the future holds! I do try to keep my personal collection in check so I’m sure I’ll always be passing along some of the things I find to new homes.




An integral part of the fashion industry, trends will come and go. Some we love, some we hate, and some… while fabulous for a period of time, start to wear on us after a bit. We’re only human. So here we have for you a selection of five tired trends to close out the summer season. Fall is almost here, it’s time to move on…

Designer Friendship Bracelets
Three words:  MAKE YOUR OWN. Wasn’t that always the point of these things anyway? Now, go spend that $250 on a pair of multi-colored flatforms that you won’t wear in three months, if at all…
Chan Luu Braided Wrap Bracelet, $168

Over-The-Top Statement Necklaces
A hard one to swallow—even for us. Ladies, why must some of you find it necessary to detract from your beautiful faces by donning giant jewels that look as if they just escaped from Flava-Flav‘s pimp valut? Ok, I admit, some of them are indeed pretty damn cool looking, and maybe this is just another case of me growing weary of hearing the word ‘statement’ uttered before every fashion-related noun out there. On the flip side, I’m really loving all of the accessory layering going on lately. It’s a fresh way to truly personalize your look, as you can pretty much pull all pieces from your own collection, and it works really well with the Native American and 70s-inspired pieces hitting stores this season.
Photo credit.

Ombré Hair
We all went though our punk phase. That time when we wanted to be different, and, henceforth, decided to home-bleach/kill and Manic Panic our hair. Now, you’re telling me this is in Vogue (literally)? Sure, it was cute when it first hit the glossies, but, at this point, I don’t really see the difference between this trend and letting your color fade out about six to nine months longer than recommended. Actually, if you really want to, just do that–it’s cheaper.
Photo credit.

“Color Blocking”
Hey, how about I pair this pink skirt with a green top and maybe some goldenrod platform loafers? BAM: color blocking. OR… the latest window display at Limited Too? Your choice. Either way, I’m gosh darn tired of hearing a term that has come simply to mean you decided to dress in something other than grey-scale. Good for you!
Photo credit.

Daily Outfit Blogs… and That’s It
Ok, this last one is a delicate subject, and yes, this is not technically your run-of-the-mill sartorial trend, but a trend nonetheless. Now, of course we don’t want to diss fellow bloggers and all you fabulous fashionistas out there whose inexplicably diverse wardrobe makes us want to claw our own eyes out. But here’s the thing: In the ever-evolving world of fashion, one would think it to be a woman’s (or man’s, for that matter) principle aim to be, well, an individual? It’s part of the allure of life and of the breaking away from years of hideous high school uniforms. So, to put it quite bluntly, why do we care what the chick down the block wore to Whole Foods yesterday? Not sure? Neither am I, which is why I’ve grown a bit weary of blogs that rely solely on posts of this sort. There are indeed a handful of winners out there, but outside those select few… I don’t think we really care that much anymore.

Agree? Disagree? Something missing? You tell us who or what needs to throw in the towel already. Hey, someone has to be the bad guy in all this, right?



You’ve seen FINSK shoes illuminate the catwalks of New York and London Fashion Week and punctuate the ensembles of some of today’s most distinctive and influential style bloggers. Now, prepare to experience them up close and personal for yourselves, on your own sweet, deserving tootsies! In celebration of our upcoming One-Year Anniversary, VERY GLOSSY has teamed up with FINSK to give away three £100 vouchers to a few very lucky readers out there…

Launched back in 2004, FINSK is the brainchild of Finnish-born and London-based designer Julia Lundsten, a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art and two-time winner of the prestigious Manolo Blahnik Award. Lundsten’s edgy design aesthetic, influenced heavily by architecture and forms found in nature, is evidenced by the bold, sculptural silhouettes and strong, geometric forms that define these powerful high fashion shoes.

Yes, it’s true–these towering platforms are a whole lotta look, but don’t let them intimidate you. FINSK wedges can be paired up easily with many of your existing wardrobe basics. Take a cue from Chiara of The Blonde Salad and Andy of Style Scrapbook, who allow their FINSK wedges to act as the building foundation for each of their otherwise basic ensembles. (Note: These shoes need plenty of room to shine!)

Best of all, while looking more incredible than ever in your new FINSK shoes, you’ll be backing a label that prides itself on its environmental responsibility to the world. All leathers procured for production at the FINSK atelier in Brazil are byproducts of other industries, while the sustainable hard woods used for the shoes’ heels are sourced directly from Brazil as well, keeping raw material transportation (and the company’s carbon footprint) to a respectful minimum.

We don’t know about you, but we’re itching to get this giveaway started! Enter to win £100 to spend at FINSK by simply leaving your email address as a comment below and sharing this contest on Facebook. It’s that easy! You have until 11:59pm on Friday, August 5th to enter. Winners will be notified on Monday, August 8, 2011.

Photos of Andy and Chiara courtesy of stylescrapbook.com and theblondesalad.com


Makeup/Hair/Photography/Art Direction Stephanie Kao
Styling Jean Candido and Natalie Opsitnick
Model Sarah Muhl

Special thanks to Travis Heck (Jolie Laide Gallery) and Brendan KeeganShare