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I will be the first to admit that I love the smell and taste of vanilla. It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t. It’s so warm and sweet and… pleasant. However, I do take issue with people who walk around smelling like drawer of stale sugar cookies and think it’s normal. For fear of this dismal fate, I prefer to mix my vanilla-scented products with something floral to offset the whole ‘good enough to eat’ thing. Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal. It’s just that, sometimes, the smell can be a little overwhelming, and I like to add a bit more depth by mixing in additional scents with edible aromas (same goes for coconut).

But with Lavanilla’s Vanilla Grapefruit Fragrance ($58/1.7oz), I don’t have to do that. The tart little kick of the fruit offsets the warm yumminess of the vanilla so perfectly that the fragrance is as fresh as it is appealing. With this scent, you don’t end up smelling like your grandmother’s kitchen (however wonderful that may smell), you end up smelling like a woman who is equal parts sweet and sour. Now, who doesn’t fall for that kind of delicious metaphorical harmony? Let’s just say, I slather this stuff on like it’s goin’ out of style–the travel-friendly roller-ball is a permanent staple in my purse.

Added bonus: This product is all-natural and infused with pure essential oils and vitamin-rich Goji Berry and Kakadu Plum.

Product images provided courtesy of beautybar.com



Hello, gentlemen. We need to talk about something. Remember that fantasy you once had about stealing your girlfriend’s Spanx and going extra svelte for the night? No? Ok, ever dreamed of donning your very own Spanx, in the privacy of your own home–but designed for men? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your pleas for undergarment gender equality have been answered. Yup, Spanx has recently come out with a body-shaping undergarment for dudes, which we like to call manx, and—hold onto your hats—there are three, count them, three, different kinds: the Tank ($55), the Crew-Neck ($58), and the V-Neck ($58)—all in your choice of either black or white. Spanx claims that these babies will comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture, and eliminate bulk under clothes. Man boobs be gone!

The whole men’s line was actually shown at New York Fashion Week last year and, unsurprisingly, got everyone to talking. Founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, adds:

The men in my life (and in Hollywood) have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks. It’s your favorite t-shirt without your least favorite part… love handles.

Gals, if your man’s moobs need some taming, you can snag him a pair of these online at Spanx.com, or you can also find them at Neiman Marcus stores. But, if you ask me, I’m not sure if I’d want my boyfriend to… go there. I’d actually rather have that beer belly hanging out. However, I am pretty happy that, now, men will come to realize the pain and ridiculousness that chicks go through just to look good. Can we get an amen?

Before/after photos provided courtesy of mydaily.co.uk
All other photos provided courtesy of spanx.com


If you aren’t already clued in about Dolce Vita, listen up

This hip, young brand knows how to make shoes and clothes that fit you–and your budget–all while keeping your closet ahead of seasonal trends. You may have heard the name after spotting items that are often picked up for resale by the likes of Urban Outfitters, or perhaps you have stumbled upon their wonderfully minimalist Ludlow St. store in NYC. Either way, I have been stalking Dolce Vita since my days as an assistant buyer for a boutique down South, and I still can’t get enough. DV’s spring 2011 collection ties in perfectly with the ever-present abstract/geometric print trend going on, but in its own unique way. DV silk dresses are truly stunning on anyone who slips them on and they can very easily go from day to night. Hell, I’d be rocking one right now if it weren’t a slushy disaster outside.

Anyway, Dolce Vita is currently having a major sale going on to make way for spring duds, as most places are, so I recommend checking out their site, ASAP. Below, you’ll find some of my picks that will take you from winter to spring (and even summer) without setting you back too many of those greens:

Garments of choice:
Darryl Poncho, $109
Amaris Jersey Dress, $145
Carson Tribal Print Silk Fuji Dress, $49
Cami Velvet Burnout Dress, $80

Recommended footwear:
Sage Flat Bootie, $45 with an additional 25% off at checkout!
Vanessa Suede Heel Bootie, $185