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Come take a peek, a whiff, a listen and a taste of the best of what Philadelphia artisans have to offer at HyLo Boutiques’ fabulous high-end Holiday event on Thursday, December 15th. Entitled Treat Your Senses, this is one fashionable fête that should not be missed, proudly featuring items from ‘hyperlocal’ (lovin’ that term) Philly hotspots like Duke & Winston and Etsy all-star Peg and Awl (among many others, see above). Take our word for it–you will find yourself falling for uber-unique finds faster than you can say gift card.

Might we mention, too, that treating far-off friends and relatives to a scrumptious snippet of what the City of Brotherly Love has to offer (outside of the realms of cheesesteak and Eagles gear), is a no-fail, non-boring, guaranteed-Holiday-smile-maker. Pretty sure that’s the technical term. For those interested in attending the event, please RSVP to info@hyloboutiques.com. Happy hunting, we’ll see y’all there!

Hylo Boutiques is a Philly-based fashion and design collective showcasing the best of what the city has to offer. Read more.




This Friday, designer Zivile Pupinyte will present her latest collection of unisex jewelry at Gravers Lane Gallery in Chestnut Hill, PA. The collection recognizes the reality of a world in which we are all connected and influenced by one other, no matter how brief or intricate our relationships may be. Zivile believes that these mutual daily interactions leave an everlasting mark on our individual existence and that whether we are bonded by love, family genetics, or simply the exchange of friendly glances, our coexisting synergies shape who we are regardless of where we come from.

The Screwed Forever collection is for everyone. Each piece is individually assembled to provide a uniqueness that is influenced by none other than the people who have touched Zivile’s own life. These works of wearable art make the perfect statement gift for loved ones on your list for the upcoming holiday season and can be created with any precious metal and/or be embellished with stones and diamonds upon request.

The showcase will also feature an artistic installation piece by Zivile that aims to convey the true meaning of connectivity within our individual beings while also recreating awareness of the human bond. The event is the first presentation of this unparalleled collection and is part of a North American series of events for Zivile which aims not only to display her beautiful creations but to aid us in reconnecting the ties that bind humanity. This must-see event is free and open to the public and will also offer up refreshments and hors d’oeuvres provided by local establishments. Don’t you dare miss the chance to witness the world premier of this very special collection.

Visit ziv-a.com for more information


Remember how excited we were about VG’s very own Sarah Muhl showcasing the first collection for her line Make.Love.Not.War? Well, we’re back to report on the results. I was fortunate enough to attend the event in Philadelphia and believe me, I was smitten by what I saw.

The show itself was hosted by the Philadelphia Design Initiative and took place at 32 Degrees Luxe Lounge in Old City. It goes without saying that putting on a runway show is not easy, and when it takes place in such tight space it takes some real talent to pull off. However, the whole show went off without a hitch. The girls entered the room from behind a curtain and walked the entire length of the elongated bar, literally brushing by spectators as they made their way down; it was really a rare pleasure to be able to see the garments from such a close perspective.

Simply put, Sarah’s girls are clean and chic. The dresses were flirty, with a touch of 50s snuck in, and the tops were elegant, stand-alone pieces that would even pair perfectly with jeans. My personal favorites were the cream colored sheer shirt with built-in neck bow and the amazing, luxurious pair of rust pajama-style pants. But as a whole, the entire M.L.N.W. line was no-nonsense, well-made, classy clothing.

Congrats, Sarah! We can’t wait to see what you do next.


It’s Friday, it’s been a helluva long week, and we have a hunch you’re gonna need a little something special to set all those Monday through Thursday wrongs, right. (We know we do.)

Luckily, our good friends at Les Professionnels have heard your troubles and have every intention of melting them all away, with this: Passer des Nuits Blanches, a sweet get-up-and-move mixtape dedicated to all the pretty girls with great taste in music and in fashion blogs too! Enticed? Wonderful. But first, a little background on the talented folks who made this proud music moment possible–and just in time for the weekend…

Les Professionnels is an artist, production and DJ group homegrown straight out of Philly. Comprised of three individuals, the group blends elements from a myriad of influences and genres (including pop, electronic, hip-hop and reggae), to form an eclectic, energetic soundscape that is uniquely their own. Simply put, you’ll soon hear for yourself that their self-invented tongue-in-cheek genre, ‘Awesome Step,’ readily lives up to its name.

Les Prof’s latest oeuvre includes a remix of Chromeo‘s Hot Mess featuring Grammy Award winning rapper, Dice Raw of The Legendary Roots Crew (bonus Philly points), and a remix of Shwayze and Cisco Adler‘s Drunk Off Your Love (available on the Drunk of Your Love Single EP on iTunes), while their in the works production has them collaborating with a gamut of artists located throughout Europe, Africa and across the North American continent. Les Prof’s forthcoming releases are set to include EPs of their own production, remixes from their wide-ranging network of allies, and Les Prof remixes of a laudable selection of emerging artists.

Looking to get your fix locally? Les Prof has performed weekly as the house DJs for Dice Raw’s Jam House and also hold down a monthly residency at Silk City with their party Lip Service. Stay tuned because both parties will be announcing dates for future events at the end of this month, but until then, you can catch Les Prof at their monthly party at Arrow Bar on Avenue A in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

For a glimpse into the collective hive mind, take a peek at their Tumblr at lesprof.tumblr.com; shout at them on Twitter @les_prof; and ‘like’ them on Facebook facebook.com/lesprofessionnels. Most importantly, direct your ears to their SoundCloud which contains a veritable treasure-trove of free downloads of their original production and streaming audio of standout remix work at soundcloud.com/les_prof.

Without further ado, we bring you the awesome:

Passer des Nuits Blanches
A Mixtape by Les Professionnels for VERY GLOSSY

Do You Want the Real ThingRichard Sen & Cazbee edit (b/w Les Professionnels Dedicated to All the Pretty Girls re-re-edit)
London BridgeAeroplane 
Talking About LoveNicholas
So Fine All the TimeWolfram featuring Legowelt
Le Troublant AcidKZA
ThrillerMichael Jackson (OOFT! Phazed edit)
Cloud Sia (Plastic Plates remix)
Juicy FruitDoctor Dru & Adana Twins
Sex Au BureauLes Professionnels
Disco LightsToomy Disco
Wings of a Galaxy KnightMurphy Jax
Da FunkDaft Punk
Gentle FireIlija Rudman
DystopiaYacht (The Jackals remix)
Sister SaviorThe Rapture (DFA dub)
We Are Your Friends (Acapella) – Simian
You Got The Look Long Distance Analog
Baby Can’t StopLindstrom & Christabelle
Tonight’s the Night Pete Herbert
In My ArmsMylo
KilometerSebastien Tellier (A-Trak remix)
Dirty GirlNico’s Gun
How Deep Is Your Love The Rapture
Love Is The DrugRoxy Music (The Starkiller’s Intravenous Disco Re-drip)
My Feelings For YouAvicii & Sebastien Drums



All you fellow ‘Phashionistas’ out there have probably caught wind of the major buzz surrounding the second installment of The Philadelphia Collection. Coinciding with Center City Restaurant Week from September 12-24th, The Philadelphia Collection will comprise of a series of independently produced events–from fashion shows and expert discussion panels to boutique specials and trunk shows. Recently, VG had the chance to pick the brains of Melanie Johnson and Michelle Shannon, the visionaries behind TPC, to get a more personal view of what it all means–not only to them, but to our City of Sisterly Affection as well.

When someone utters the words Philadelphia fashion scene, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind?
MJ: Vibrant, eclectic, bountiful, and fun.
MS: Diverse, ever-changing, ever-expanding, authentic, independent, and energetic.

In your opinion, do you see the scene in Philly evolving within the next five or ten years? How far has it come? Where do you personally shop in Philadelphia?
MJ: The scene has evolved so quickly over the past ten years that I can only see it growing and getting bigger and better within the next five to ten. I think we as a city are very good at attracting unique talents to our retail market, and when upscale retailers get to know our shoppers, they follow. Where I choose to shop in Philadelphia depends both on my mood and what I desire at the time. Some days, I may feel like going to eclectic and funky boutiques, while on other days I’ll tend to stay more mainstream and classic. Whatever my heart fancies, Philly has it all.
MS: I think, within the next five to ten years, our fashion scene will only continue to blossom. Over the past twenty years, Philadelphia’s Center City and its adjacent neighborhoods have exploded with residential, cultural, and culinary establishments. Philadelphia has also become a more affordable artistic outpost when compared to the illustrious New York City. All of these factors have made it a very desirable location for young, creative people–fashion designers and retailers, alike. In addition, we are presently investigating various programs that will encourage designers to remain in Philadelphia.

What was your creative vision when you first conceived of the Philadelphia Collection? Has the end result done justice to that initial vision?
MJ: The vision was to take what was already happening in Philadelphia in terms of fashion and retail initiatives and create a marketing umbrella to help promote these events in order to strengthen Philadelphia’s place on the fashion map. This is all part of a larger goal to showcase the City of Philadelphia as a fashion and style destination, where we can attract visitors and retailers into the city to see just how much is happening here.
MS: While there is always an opportunity to change and expand the event, I believe that it does exactly what we intended, which is to shine the spotlight on Philadelphia’s fashion industry and bring additional foot traffic and sales to our boutiques.

What advice would you give those of us who are looking to jump-start a fashion-related project in Philadelphia?
MJ: Remain true to your passions and identity, but also be aware of your target market. I would also suggest attending as many Philadelphia Collection events as possible to see what works (and how), and to gather creative ideas for your future event. Take advantage of the panel discussions for expert advice in various fields of the fashion industry. It’s also great for networking and finding possible partners for collaborations.
MS: Call us! We’re a wonderful resource and we can help connect you with the right people. There is room for everyone here! We have so much happening that every new project, boutique, or designer just fuels our fire!

And finally, who are your favorite fashion designers and how do they inspire you?
MS: Globally, I love Chanel and Valentino. I believe that their pieces, particularly their accessories, are true works of art. Locally, I recently purchased two gorgeous pieces from Carmelita Couture that are amazingly feminine yet edgy. I also love Paula Hian, Sarah van Aken, and Irina Sigal, all of whom are equally fabulous!

For a full listing of the 75+ Philadelphia Collection events happening around the city, please visit the TPC website.  And, of course, if you happen to see us out and about, don’t hesitate to come give a fashionable hello.

Image provided courtesy of thephiladelphiacollection.org


This Friday, the Philadelphia Design Initiative will be hosting Fresh & Local, a fall 2011 fashion show. The event will feature three local independent designers–Katra Michener, Linda Smyth of Topstitch, and VG’s very own model-turned-designer, Sarah Muhl of Make.Love.Not.War.

In 2009, Sarah left Philadelphia to retreat to the comfort of cozy cabin living in Middle-of-Nowheresville, Virginia. After a year of getting settled in, she decided she needed a new wardrobe. Realizing she didn’t have the cash to snag the wardrobe of her dreams, Sarah buckled down and decided to teach herself to sew. She has since moved back to Philadelphia, where she recently landed a gig working at Franklin Square Designs, and was also featured on Saving with 6ABC for her amazing ability to turn thrifted or vintage items into modern, wearable garments.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you: Sarah was a competitive figure skater for 15 years. Taking that into consideration, you know she’s got an insane amount of drive and passion that I’m sure she’s been channeling into the development of her first ever clothing line. See it all finally come to fruition this Friday, September 16th at 32º Luxe Lounge in Philadelphia. I think this goes without saying, but… WE CAN’T WAIT.

Congrats, Sarah!


Bear teeth, bird claws, and swords, oh my!

For the darker side in all of us, Philadelphia-based BloodMilk Jewelry has everything your blacked heart could ever desire–and more. Whether you actually dabble in the occult or simply share a fascination for all things supernatural and/or surreal, you are bound to find a special keepsake to call your very own in this otherworldly online shop.

Each piece is made-to-order; a wide array of metals are employed in the making of BloodMilk pieces, including–but not limited to–rose gold, blackened brass and bronze, and my personal favorite, sterling silver. The selection of large bird claw necklaces are as grotesque as they are stunning and the use of the planchette (Ouija board guide) on rings and as a pendant is eerily haunting yet strikingly well-designed. These are the kind of pieces that people won’t be able to pull their eyes away from as they dangle from your neck or wrist, or cling to your fingers or ears. Choose your piece wisely–or, perhaps, it has already chosen you? 

Top to bottom: Two of Swords Tarot Earrings, $200; Amour Fou Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, $225; Planchette Oracle Ring in Rose Gold, $195

Top to bottom: Nevermore Sterling Juvenile Cow Skull Bracelet, $375; The Prophet Necklace, $300; Sacred Secret Reliquary Locket Rosary, $170

Not shown: The Underworld Sterling Baby Owl Necklace, $180