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But it would be nothin’ without a woman. Sung by the great James Brown and brought to life by all you fine ladies out there who don’t hesitate to stop traffic while sporting your favorite boyfriend blazer

I’ll be the first to profess my love for men’s clothing and I tend to covet menswear pieces just as much as women’s. It can all be as simple as a men’s watch on the tiny wrist of a lovely lady or a boxy, oversized coat thrown over a sexy mini dress. Here, we’ve laid out some ideas for you all you gals who have always wanted to try this look but were afraid to give it a go. Take a hint from the guys: Less is more!

INSPIRATION: Dolce & Gabbana. I love love love this suit. I also love the fact that it’s made of velvet, paired with wingtips and topped with a hat. Try this ensemble at a friendlier price point for your man’s total approval.

American Retro Velvet Pants, $140
ASOS Satin Lapel Blazer, $128
Fitzwell Justice Wingtips, $27
ASOS Shirt with Contrast Placket, $55
ASOS Velvet Bow Tie, $15
Vintage Fedora via Etsy, $49

INSPIRATION: The Row. Flirt with masculine color as only The Row can (and now, you). Quite simply, The Row is pretty much the sickest young brand out there right now. The Olsens sure know what they’re doing when it comes to design seeing as though their label is only four years old and is continuously cleaning out every fashionable bank account around. Let’s take a spin on one of the label’s looks for fall, shall we?

Topshop Boyfriend Blazer, $130
Topshop Mustard Ankle Grazers, $76
ASOS Sleeveless Pocket Front Blouse, $46
Vintage Colorblock Belt via Etsy, $23
Vintage Leopard Loafers via Etsy, $18

INSPIRATION: Valentino. This ensemble from Valentino’s fall 2011 runway show is the epitome of combining menswear with women’s. I love the straight-leg trouser, velvet overcoat and sexy sheer blouse. Here’s our take on the look for those of us who can’t quite afford a $5,000 ensemble just yet.

ASOS Vila Twill Tailored Trouser, $64
Black Sheer Satin Striped Blouse via Etsy, $30
Vintage Velvet Coat via Etsy, $55
Lord & Taylor Isola Wren Studded Heels, $150

And, while you’re at it, go ahead and take a gander at Zara‘s September lookbook for some more inspiration and budget-friendly menswear-inspired finds. You can thank us later.




Although summertime is indeed winding down, its scorching temperatures don’t seem to be going anywhere quite yet. That said, fashion faux pas do not afflict the ladies only–dudes have also proven themselves fair game during these warm weather months. So, guys, do us all a favor–please take a gander below and pray to the black bar that you don’t happen to fall into any of these categories…

Jorts and Shants
Ok, guys, pick one: Do you want to wear pants or do you want to wear shorts? Either of these options can be quite attractive in its own right, but trying to combine the two into these… calf and ankle-grazing concoctions is just downright awful and pretty pointless. They make your legs look like short, little sausages loosely wrapped in raver jeans that got shrunk in the wash. Need we say more?

The Pit-Stained Tee
Hipsters love ‘em… and that’s about it. Oh wait, so do hobos. Are you seeing the line that’s being drawn here? Invest in a stain stick or in an industrial shredder; then, go put on something that’s clean.
Underarm shields, $7

Constantly Going Shirtless
I don’t care if you’ve got the body of David Beckham or Danny DeVito–unless you’re at the beach or at a pool, put on a damn shirt. Have some class. Chances are, you’re not that hot.

Too-Tight Jeans
Dude, where’s my b… Oh, wait, they’re right there–in that suffocating mass located to the side of your crotch. Boys, do yourself a favor and save the potential embarrassment of having people think you sh*t the front of your pants and perhaps buy some jeans that FIT–from the men’s section? Skinny jeans are great, and can look damn hot, just be sure to give your boys some room to breathe and to leave at least a little something to the imagination.

Well this one’s just a given. I’m actually not quite sure how or why it has suddenly become so hip to forgo the DO. But I’m concerned about my health. Well, I personally am concerned about being able to breathe next to your sweaty ass on a subway car that doubles as a urinal cake. And there are plenty of natural options out there, sans zinc, like this one from Lush ($7), which is one of the best natural options we have yet to find on the market.

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Hello, gentlemen. We need to talk about something. Remember that fantasy you once had about stealing your girlfriend’s Spanx and going extra svelte for the night? No? Ok, ever dreamed of donning your very own Spanx, in the privacy of your own home–but designed for men? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your pleas for undergarment gender equality have been answered. Yup, Spanx has recently come out with a body-shaping undergarment for dudes, which we like to call manx, and—hold onto your hats—there are three, count them, three, different kinds: the Tank ($55), the Crew-Neck ($58), and the V-Neck ($58)—all in your choice of either black or white. Spanx claims that these babies will comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture, and eliminate bulk under clothes. Man boobs be gone!

The whole men’s line was actually shown at New York Fashion Week last year and, unsurprisingly, got everyone to talking. Founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, adds:

The men in my life (and in Hollywood) have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks. It’s your favorite t-shirt without your least favorite part… love handles.

Gals, if your man’s moobs need some taming, you can snag him a pair of these online at Spanx.com, or you can also find them at Neiman Marcus stores. But, if you ask me, I’m not sure if I’d want my boyfriend to… go there. I’d actually rather have that beer belly hanging out. However, I am pretty happy that, now, men will come to realize the pain and ridiculousness that chicks go through just to look good. Can we get an amen?

Before/after photos provided courtesy of mydaily.co.uk
All other photos provided courtesy of spanx.com


Lest all you ladies forget—we men have seasonal style needs too! Sure, the whole equation may be a bit more… simple, but it is just as integral to our summer style survival. As far as I’m concerned, there are five key parts to braving boiling temps so as to not look like a hot mess and they go a little something like this:

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarers, $159
You just can’t go wrong with this retro/Jake Gyllenhaal to-die-for look. It’s Classic with a capital C–and I’m really loving the pop of color added to the interior of the frames. It’s all in the details. Make sure to check out the Ray-Ban website for tons of additional colors.

2. Lacoste Polos $95
I mean, it doesn’t really get any more cute or classic than this. Tie a bit of fun color into your ensemble by donning a striped polo and topping the look off with a pair of khaki shorts.

3. Tom’s Slip-Ons, $78
Hey now, Tom’s aren’t so boring anymore! The brand is now offering up a new line of more elaborately designed slip-ons that still maintain that classic Tom’s shape we all know and love. I can’t get enough of this playful Octopus motif!

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lo-Fi Weekender Bag, $278
Perfect for a stylish weekend at the beach! Whether you want it for the label (ADMIT IT) or for the sheer convenience and versatility, this bag has it all. I love the structure of this bag.

5. Acqua Di Parma Capri Orange Eau de Toilette, $110
Make that first impression count: Acqua Di Parma’s Mediterranean blend of Sicilian orange, mandarin, Sorrento lemon, and grapefruit will have you snagging your latest object of affection in no time flat. This cologne will be your best friend on a hot summer day!


Well, ladies and gentlemen (and flamboyant gentlemen), that terrifying time has come around once again… the time when we are forced to hit the stores in search of the perfect swimsuit.

For some reason, many women seem to be of the opinion that, for men, this is in no way a mind-numbingly frightening experience–but really that couldn’t be further from the truth. First off, let’s get one thing straight: It is imperative to pick out a perfect suit that will hug your love handles (or hopefully, lack thereof) in just the right way—not too much pressure now, for those handles will topple over the sides, and not too little either, you don’t want to appear larger than you already are! That being said, for men, there are essentially four beachwear looks from which to choose:

Always a good choice. You come off looking sporty, masculine, and carefree. Let’s just remember to snag a pair with netted lining or some sort of support so that we don’t end up looking like Mr. Playgirl 1998. This is also a chance to flaunt a fun design or motif. I personally prefer to go with a large floral pattern to distract from my sagging boobs–I mean, um, pecs.
Tommy Bahama Blurred of Paradise Swim Trunk, $48*; RVCA Civil Stripe Boardshort, $53*; Paul Smith Multi-stripe Swim Trunk, $160

Here, my friends, we have the male coochie cutter—basically a boxer brief of sorts that is ‘acceptable’ to wear in public. These only look good if you’ve got amazing gams, so if you have a case of FAT THIGH, like I do, please re-consider this choice. If you have a little butt and sexy legs, then by all means find yourself a cute pair and hit the beach! Note: Confidence is key.
D&G Swim Short, $95; Marc by Marc Jacobs California Swim Trunk, $50*; Bikkembergs Swimming Trunk, $75*

Speedos are hideous. Just don’t do it. Unless you are drop-dead gorgeous and/or packing some major heat, there is no reason to even consider them. You know what, I retract that–even if you are an Adonis, it’s still sexier to hide a little something. Let’s face it, most of us are not on some hip beach in France trying to fit in. Leave something for the bedroom; everyone will be thankful in return.
DSQUARED2 Gigolo Speedo, $250*; Speedo Brief Trunk, $45*; N2N Bodywear Catalina Sport Bikini, $29

Raybans, a bottle of tequila, a white hoodie, gym shorts, and flip-flops complete this beachwear look. Let’s just hope it never comes to this.
UFC Practice Short, $40*; Champion Cotton Gym Short, $12*; Nike Dri-Fit Training Short, $30

*Items pictured


3.1 Phillip Lim: This cool cat collection combines the best of the old with the bright lights of the future. Phillip has a way of mixing both the past and the future through inevitably classic cuts and fabrics with a modern twist. Some may not be a fan of his subliminal style, but in the fashion world, it’s one of the most important qualities when it comes to sticking it out for the long run. In this collection, you can expect nothing less than the crème de la crème of men’s silhouettes, classic suit styles, and genius styling. Photos courtesy of style.com

Hermes: It’s all about the workin’ man with this collection, which combines classic rocker with ultra-hip mod guy who isn’t too cool to work hard for his money in rad leather wear with sweet, subtle detailing. Think chain link knit, suede shirts, and the best outerwear you could ever imagine (on a man). Need I say more? Photos courtesy of thefashionisto.com

Lanvin: HEY, GUYS! LANVIN DOES MENSWEAR TOO! This collection is pretty “fashiony” as far as menswear goes, but it would really be something to see some guys step out of the box. Peculiar shapes and cuts add interest to every piece without over-dramatizing the whole thing. What I’d really love to know is how Lucas Ossendrijver manages to consistently and successfully carry the whimsical attractions of Lanvin’s 102-year-old brand name into the future of fashion. It’s all so inspiring! Photos courtesy of thefashionisto.com 

Honorable mention: Thierry Mugler
Lady Gaga‘s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, really took it up a notch for Thierry Mugler this time around. It is my understanding that the top fashion houses are at the top not only because of the quality of their work, but also because of the imaginative nature of their designs. Formichetti is certainly not lacking in inventive ideas, however, my only hang-up would be the over-stylized effects of some of the pieces. He definitely has enough talent to lend his expertise to the likes of Lady Gaga, and we all look forward to his future collaborations with various fashion world figures. Photos courtesy of Telegraph.co.uk


It’s become sort of an issue when men date women with good fashion sense, but have none of their own. We women feel compelled to make up for short-comings, spending hundreds of dollars on fashionable items for our lovers, our boyfriends, and our husbands so they look good on our arm. It’s only because we love you, guys. And you know you want to look good too! So why not save us some trouble and money in 2011?

I have compiled a list of eleven essentials for men consisting of items that all have the power to seduce–an enigmatic kaleidoscope of the most attractive qualities women desire. And the best part about this is that even if you don’t have money to buy a new wardrobe, most of this stuff is available at your local thrift or vintage store!

1. The Blazer
The blazer is a must-have for every man, no doubt about it. It projects an air of professionalism. The blazer can be worn as a jacket when it’s chilly and it looks amazing dressed up with a pair of slacks or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Are you a business man? Are you a musician? Are you a doctor? A professor, maybe? You can have (and project) it all with this jacket. Mystify her when she first sets eyes on you.

Where can I find it: Anywhere.
Colors: black, brown, navy blue, burgundy, green
Material: wool, corduroy, velvet, leather
Example: the Standard Cloth Velvet Blazer, via Urban, $48

2. The Body Wash + Face Wash + Loofa + Cologne Combo
You know what’s depressing? Spending the night at your place and seeing that you only have a bar of soap in your bathroom and/or shower. You know how you men love to touch our soft skin? Well, the same goes for us too. You need the loofa + body wash for exfoliation, the face wash for a fresh face, and the cologne? Well if you wear the right cologne, we’ll be swimming in our sex sheets for days, sniffing your pillow to inhale you in. Make sure you go high-end on the cologne.

Where can I find it: grocery stores, drug stores, specialty stores, and department stores everywhere
Example: L’Occitane and Kiehl’s lines for men

3. The ‘Vintage’ Novelty Tee
The more worn and older looking the better. Let this shirt bring out the essence of you. It could be of a rock band you like or of a sports team you love, it could be a witty, whip-smart tee, or even one with a political message. Hint: Get an extra one a size too small, spray some of your cologne on it, and that one night we stay over at your place, let us sleep in it. We’ll fall harder thinking you gave us your most prized possession and we probably won’t even wash it.

Where can I find itH&M, Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, your dad’s and your grandfather’s dresser
Example: the E-A-G-L-E-S tee, via Urban, $28

4. The Zip-Up Hoodie Sweatshirt
This is as practical as it is fashionable. The great thing about the hoodie is the whole warmth with layers thing. One of my favorite looks is the vintage tee + hooded sweatshirt  + corduroy blazer. It is just straight up Paddington cool. And you know you like hoodies anyway.

Where can I find it: anywhere, especially athletic stores
Colors: black, navy blue, gray, brown
Material: cotton, cotton/poly blend
Example: the Archer Full-Zip Hoodie, via Ralph Lauren, $70

5. The Faded, Relaxed Jean
I can honestly sympathize with the difficult endeavor of finding the right pair of jeans. It’s hard for women too. You need a pair that shows a bit of the shape of your ass, that sits a bit lower on the hips, and that is very comfortable. My faves for men? Diesel if you are on the high-end, Levi‘s for the guys who are classic.

Where can I find it: boutiques, department stores, vintage stores
Colors: dark blue, medium blue
Example: the 8ZT Jean by Diesel, via Asos, $169

6. The Boot
Since I couldn’t choose between my two favorite types of boots, the best thing for you to do is… just get them both. The workman boot is awesome. It is perfect for the winter and it looks HOT when your relaxed jeans are tucked in, just a little. We’ll be thinking, Wow I bet he is really good with his hands and let’s face it, anything construction worker/handyman/carpenter-related is always a no-fail. I’m also a fan of the duck boot. The western boot is also always great, and you can even wear them for dressier occasions. Square toe or pointy toe, in leather. Oh yes.

Where can I find it: boutiques, department stores, specialty shoe stores, vintage stores
Colors: brown, black
Material: leather
Example: the Bed Stu Folk Engineer Boot, via Urban, $188

7. The Watch
Yes, we know wearing jewelry isn’t the most masculine thing, but you can bypass this stereotype with a  silver or gold watch. The shinier the better. And you just may bump into that special someone who happens to ask, Excuse me kind gentleman, but do you have the time? When it comes to seduction, I’d advise against digital. Old school nostalgia is key.

Where can I find it: boutiques, department stores, fine jewelry stores
Material: stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum (never hurts)
Example: the Timex Black Dial Quartz Watch, via Bloomingdales, $110

8. The Wide Brim Hat
There is something about a hat with a nice brim. Pull the front a little over your eyes and become even more mysterious because we won’t be able to tell if you are checking us out. And it looks amazing with the new blazer you just bought. Looking to be even more alluring? Pair the hat with a quality trench coat. Hello, dark stranger!

Where can I find it: boutiques, department stores, hat stores, where pimps shop
Colors: black, brown
Example: the Stetson Bozeman Hat, via Cabela’s, $60

9. The Boxer Briefs
If you don’t wear underwear at all, don’t worry about this one. But if you do, well, seeing a guy come out of the shower in a pair of these does something to us, I swear. Just make sure they are fitted to accentuate your manhood.

Where can I find it: department stores
Colors: white, black, navy, gray
Example: the Calvin Klein Body Boxer Brief, $20

10. The Plaid Button-Down Shirt
An exceptional layering piece to add to your wardrobe, both comfy and classy, the plaid button-down has that lovely get-down-to-business-working-class look. And yes, it looks great with your novelty tee, blazer, and workman boots. Didn’t you know grunge is back?  And unbuttoned? Hell. Yes.

Where can I find it: outdoors stores, department stores, thrift stores
Colors: plaid with a color hue that brings out your eyes
Material: flannel, cotton
Example: the 6.0 Rod Dog Men’s Flannel Shirt, via Nike, $50

11. The Tie
This is your dress up accessory. Make sure you get a print that matches your eyes. Or go glam and sport a black-button down with a black satin tie for a bit of texture. I think you get the picture.

Where can I find it: boutiques, department stores, thrift stores, places like TJ MAXX and Marshall’s
Colors: any–but nothing tropical, please!
Material: silk, satin
Example: the Paul Smith London Dot Skinny Tie, via Bloomingdale’s, $95