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Remember how excited we were about VG’s very own Sarah Muhl showcasing the first collection for her line Make.Love.Not.War? Well, we’re back to report on the results. I was fortunate enough to attend the event in Philadelphia and believe me, I was smitten by what I saw.

The show itself was hosted by the Philadelphia Design Initiative and took place at 32 Degrees Luxe Lounge in Old City. It goes without saying that putting on a runway show is not easy, and when it takes place in such tight space it takes some real talent to pull off. However, the whole show went off without a hitch. The girls entered the room from behind a curtain and walked the entire length of the elongated bar, literally brushing by spectators as they made their way down; it was really a rare pleasure to be able to see the garments from such a close perspective.

Simply put, Sarah’s girls are clean and chic. The dresses were flirty, with a touch of 50s snuck in, and the tops were elegant, stand-alone pieces that would even pair perfectly with jeans. My personal favorites were the cream colored sheer shirt with built-in neck bow and the amazing, luxurious pair of rust pajama-style pants. But as a whole, the entire M.L.N.W. line was no-nonsense, well-made, classy clothing.

Congrats, Sarah! We can’t wait to see what you do next.



This Friday, the Philadelphia Design Initiative will be hosting Fresh & Local, a fall 2011 fashion show. The event will feature three local independent designers–Katra Michener, Linda Smyth of Topstitch, and VG’s very own model-turned-designer, Sarah Muhl of Make.Love.Not.War.

In 2009, Sarah left Philadelphia to retreat to the comfort of cozy cabin living in Middle-of-Nowheresville, Virginia. After a year of getting settled in, she decided she needed a new wardrobe. Realizing she didn’t have the cash to snag the wardrobe of her dreams, Sarah buckled down and decided to teach herself to sew. She has since moved back to Philadelphia, where she recently landed a gig working at Franklin Square Designs, and was also featured on Saving with 6ABC for her amazing ability to turn thrifted or vintage items into modern, wearable garments.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you: Sarah was a competitive figure skater for 15 years. Taking that into consideration, you know she’s got an insane amount of drive and passion that I’m sure she’s been channeling into the development of her first ever clothing line. See it all finally come to fruition this Friday, September 16th at 32º Luxe Lounge in Philadelphia. I think this goes without saying, but… WE CAN’T WAIT.

Congrats, Sarah!