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Call it love, call it lust, call it what you will, but this year’s holiday wishlist, at least on our part, can only be described as no holds barred because… well, this is a wish list, isn’t it? The following are all items that would, in a ‘utopian’ society, be born from the fruits of our loins and exist (in our closets and homes) in perfect harmony: a melding of sweet and sour, leather and lace and practical and impractical.

So, take a peek into the musings of our collective mind, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the perfect gift for that special somebody in your life–yourself included!

1. D.L. & CoSkull Cased Candle $115
2. AllSaints Laurels Crew Tee, $65
3. Diptyque BAISE Candle,$60
4. Miss Patina Evening Sleigh Ride Dress, $119
5. Ruche Marquess Polka Dot Lace Top, $40
6. Urban OG Oxford Canvas Boots, $29
7. AllSaints Python Curse Scarf, $95
8. Up by Jawbone Wristband, $99
9. Low Luv by Erin Wasson Armour Knuckle Ring in Gold, $56
10. Free People Leather Mini Skirt, $99
11. Angelique Houtkamp Linedrawing Book, $60
12. Topshop Petite Faux Fur Nylon Parka, $196
13. Balmain Stars and Stripes Leather Jacket, $12,933 (again, this IS a wish list)

1. Umbrella Heaven ‘Pagoda’ Umbrella, $70
2. IMPROVD Chelsea Funnel Neck Sweatshirt, $139
3. Prada Candy Shower Gel, $42
4. Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup by Gabriela Hernandez, $37
5. nOir Jewelry Phillipe the Parrot Ring, $175
6. Deborah Lippmann Trendsetter Set, $35
7. Fifi Lapin Hop Like an Egyptian Print, $20
8. Nubian Heritage Black Soap, $4

1. KBS Longship Black and White Soap, $6
2. Less and More Wooden Cosmetic Organizer, $140
3. Tomorrow is Forever Vintage 1950s Evening Dress, $160
4. Clam Lab Raw Chocolate Teapot, $150
5. LW Vintage Lavender and Gold Murano Glass Table Lighter, $58
6. Take Off Your Clothes Tarpaulin Cocoon, $149
7. Monserat de Lucca Brass Lighter Ring, $63
8. The Conversation by Jean Michel and Milton Glaser, $95




The second I saw the description of emerging label IMPROVD that read, a new genre of affordable couture: avant-garde basics that combine an intellectual aesthetic with quality, at an unexpected price point, I could already feel my sweaty palms buried in the bottom of my bag fiddling for my credit card. The best part? IT’S ALL TRUE. And it’s catching on, as IMPROVD just showed at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, 9/13. The label’s founders, the man who helped Diesel explode stateside, Valentino Vettori, and the man behind NYC cult boutique AtriumSam Ben-Avraham, joined forces in 2010 and have been blowing basics out of the water ever since…

Now, whether you like it or not, fall is coming. It’s basically here. School’s in session and football’s on TV. It’s time to start thinking about long sleeves and jackets, and IMPROVD has about… ohhh a hundred possible options for you. I hope to soon treat myself to some sophisticated simplicity in order to ‘prepare’ for the cold season ahead, and so should you. After all, we could all use a little bit of motivation when attempting to pull ourselves out of bed in the pitch-black darkness once again…

PS: IMPROVD also has a really sweet blog. Check it out, here.

From top to bottom:
1. ‘Logan’ Leather Jacket with Crew Neck Collar, $669
2. ‘Belinda’ Sheer Crinkle-Chiffon Cropped Top, $165
3. ‘Cameron’ V-Neck Hidden-Button Down Cardigan, $139
4. ‘Wendy’ Sheer Exposed Zip Georgette Hooded Sweatshirt, $188

5. ‘Opal’ Cropped Nylon Puffer Jacket, $405
6. ‘Walda’ Mock-Neck Bat-Wing Top, $189

All items available for purchase on the official IMPROVD website.

Photo of model provided courtesy of improvd.com