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Hot mamas, have I got a label for you: Plein Sud, the primary focus of my personal fashion fantasies du jour. Plein Sud is a label that seeks to capture the allure of the Southern French woman (sud = south), that magnetic feline who exudes a special mélange of warmth, elegance, and sensuality. Just get a load of model Olga Sherer for the brand’s fall/winter 2011 ad campaign—I think you’ll get my drift.

Founded by the uber-talented and innovative designer Fayçal Amor (born and raised in Morocco, studied in Paris) in 1986, Plein Sud quickly became known for Amor’s innovative approach to establishing a fully integrated, unique brand and brand image by taking painstaking efforts to incorporate inventive dying processes, partner up with local textile mills, manufacture innovative fabrics and, ultimately, fully integrate the label’s design process, from manufacturing to marketing. Now that’s the most impressive breed of productive control freak-sim this side of Giorgio Armani. Kudos, Fayçal, kudos.

Given the oftentimes prominent North African influence in France, especially in Southern France, and the latter’s close proximity to Morocco, the rich mix of inspiration as a result of Amor’s past and present as a designer becomes clear, and I think I speak for myself and many, many others when I say… it’s smokin’ hot. The vibe is sort of an exotic yet familiar relaxed elegance that is infused with a sexy sense of worldliness.

Plein Sud’s prices, much like my other favorite French brand, Carven, fall into the ‘almost affordable’ category (although you can find a lot on sale): pieces that reach beyond my budget but which are close enough to the target to where I could, theoretically, save my ass off to eventually attain them. Oh yeah… about that. Plein Sud is basically only available for in-store purchase in France and in Soho, but you can definitely score a selection of items online via StylebopYOOX and Shopbop. The label’s diffusion line, Plein Sud Jeanius, is also pretty worthy of your wallet. Here’s a roundup of my personal favorites, all available for purchase right now, for those of you looking to get in on the action. This winter, head south. At least fall deep into the fantasy of transporting yourself in that direction.

1. Deep V Blazer w/Chiffon Overlay, $563 (on sale)
2. Cashmere Sweater, $115 (on sale)
3. Wool Cardigan, $175
4. Short Sleeve T-Shirt, $125 (on sale)
5. Knee-Length Skirt, $95 (on sale)
6. Ink Draped Jersey Dress, $535
7. Basic Silk Top, $525
8. Beige Draped Jersey Dress, $535

Images provided courtesy of howdoshop.com



Our wildest fashion fantasies have been realized through the everyday wearable, modern day separates presented in designer Bela Shehu‘s fall 2011 collection for NINO Brand, a hauntingly beautiful and well-thought-out selection of elegant floor-length dresses, exaggerated hemline cloaks and simple, smart separates any woman would be ecstatic to call her very own. This collection keeps consistent with those presented in seasons past in that it possesses the superb craftsmanship and finite attention to detail we have now come to expect from Shehu.

This visual interpretation of the fall 2011 NINO Brand collection is presented by Jason Blake with an accompanying fashion film by Eric Ashleigh. Makeup and hair design are by Kat Sterrett and the girl who got to wear it all, is none other than VG’s own Sarah Muhl. It’s a hell of a visual journey—we hope you enjoy it.



This Friday, designer Zivile Pupinyte will present her latest collection of unisex jewelry at Gravers Lane Gallery in Chestnut Hill, PA. The collection recognizes the reality of a world in which we are all connected and influenced by one other, no matter how brief or intricate our relationships may be. Zivile believes that these mutual daily interactions leave an everlasting mark on our individual existence and that whether we are bonded by love, family genetics, or simply the exchange of friendly glances, our coexisting synergies shape who we are regardless of where we come from.

The Screwed Forever collection is for everyone. Each piece is individually assembled to provide a uniqueness that is influenced by none other than the people who have touched Zivile’s own life. These works of wearable art make the perfect statement gift for loved ones on your list for the upcoming holiday season and can be created with any precious metal and/or be embellished with stones and diamonds upon request.

The showcase will also feature an artistic installation piece by Zivile that aims to convey the true meaning of connectivity within our individual beings while also recreating awareness of the human bond. The event is the first presentation of this unparalleled collection and is part of a North American series of events for Zivile which aims not only to display her beautiful creations but to aid us in reconnecting the ties that bind humanity. This must-see event is free and open to the public and will also offer up refreshments and hors d’oeuvres provided by local establishments. Don’t you dare miss the chance to witness the world premier of this very special collection.

Visit ziv-a.com for more information


YES! Cooler weather is finally here, which means it’s time to whip out those fabulous leather jackets appropriate for all occasions. Now, considering the fact that we are not all millionaires, models or blood-thirsty vampires who love sporting animal hides, we’ve complied a nice little list of the best budget–and PETA–friendly leather-looking coats to get us through the coldest days of the year.

Your wallets will certainly thank me later. ♥

1. H&M Pilot Jacket, $50
Acrylic and polyester never looked so good. This coat likes long walks amidst fall foliage and coordinates perfectly with pretty much ANYTHING you already own.

2. ASOS Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $90
The biker coat of our dreams finally becomes a reality in more than one color and costs less than $100. Need we say more?

3. Forever 21 Studded Leatherette Jacket, $48
When will you ever find a vibrantly colored faux leather studded jacket like this? NEVER. Okay, well, you may find one by Balmain for literally thousands of dollars, but let’s be real: This sick statement coat by F21 will turn heads without hurting our animal friends or your wallet.

4. Macy’s Fever Shearling Jacket, $100
Shearling never goes out of style. Especially when it warms your soul and is under 100 bucks. Not to mention, it’s available at Macy’s, which we know has super sales every other week. Grab this now and I guarantee you’ll have it forever.

5. Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Bomber, $69
Every girl needs a moto jacket, a wool cape and a leather bomber (in this case, faux leather bomber). Without them, you will not only freeze, but you’ll also find yourself having a hard time matching your already cute outfits with outerwear that’s both practical and attractive.  Well, have no fear, Urban Outfitters is here with this super cute bomber (available in four colors!) so that you can put all your faux leather woes to rest and enjoy the perfect coat for any cold-weather occasion.



Thought L.L.Bean was only good for gear suited for the great outdoors (and the middle-aged)? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the only reason I’ve ever even stepped foot inside an L.L.Bean store was to purchase my future father-in-law a birthday present—and to peruse through the brand’s adorable, puppy-filled catalogs.

However, in light of some recent discoveries, my tune might be a changin’. When the always lovely Kelly Framel of The Glamourai posted a sneak preview of her styling for L.L.Bean’s S/S 2012 Signature collection, my interests were piqued. In fact, a quick glance over the store’s fall 2011 lookbook will probably leave you pleasantly surprised, as it is chock-full of beautiful, classic pieces with a fun middle-of-the-woods flair. The choice of fabrics, patterns and color palette all exude an appealing autumn/winter weather vibe and might even give you the urge to head to the hills… to the nearest log cabin.

Paging through the lookbook and watching the collection video, both of which include younger, ‘hipper’ models, will give you the impression that L.L.Bean is trying to turn over a new leaf–or at least branch out from its typical target market. You tell us: Are you buyin’ it?

Ducktrap Boot, $179; Brushed Lambswool Crewneck, $99; Payson Pant, $119

Downeaster Sport Wool Plaid Bag, $95; Beacon Poplin Jacket, $169; Jacquard Skirt, $149

Bow Kitten Heel, $149; Camp Shirt Dress, $189; Sateen Sleeveless Dress, $179



The secret is out: Red is the new black! Well, at the very least, it seems to be hotter than black for this fall. How many of you have actually tried to pull off the head-to-toe red ensemble? Probably not many, but there’s no doubt in our mind that you all have at least one vibrant red piece tucked away in your closets somewhere (or at least we’d like to think so).

Red is the color of passion, a primary color of humanity and the most attractive color of lipstick on any fashionable woman. Red accessories (a great option if you just can’t bring yourself to rock, well, red pants) can also add the perfect pop of color to any dull wardrobe, instantly cheering up pessimistic onlookers’ doubt about this season’s brightest trend. Whether you are an A-list celebrity looking to stand out on the red carpet or just a broke student looking for a job this fall, red is the ultimate wardrobe color choice, now and until the end of time.

Try out these statement pieces to turn heads and make moves this season:
1. Kami Shade Red Sequin Dress, $84
2. Topshop Red Short Sleeved Tie Blouse, $75*
3. Zara Palazzo Trousers, $60
4. Dolce Vita Marcel Loafers, $65
5. Forever 21 Pleated Tie Skirt, $16*
6. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick, $20*
7. Nail Fraud Red Heart Nail Decal, $10*
8. Halston Red Silk Halter Dress, $75*
9. Vintage Red Wool Coat, via Etsy, $157*
10. Vintage Red Leather Purse, via Etsy, $12

*Items pictured; photo of Dita provided courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org


It’s that time of year: the time when boots quickly make their way into our everyday wardrobes. Oh sure, we’ve all got our old faithfuls (Docs + pirate boots, for example) but this season, you may want to branch out and add a few newbies into your winter-weather footwear rotation. Lucky for us, the fall 2011 runway shows introduced some super fierce choices, all of which can be easily emulated for under $100.

So, put those sandals away because it’s time for these boots to start walkin’!

Suede à la Diane Von Furstenberg & Isabel Marant: Report Enid Boot, $90; GAP Slouchy Suede Boot $98

Patent leather à la Viktor & Rolf: ZARA Patent Leather Boot, $90; ASOS Anna Boot, $88

Buckled-in à la Etro: Topshop Miffin Black Biker Boot, $76; Call It Spring Deppert Boot, $70

Laced up à la Christian Dior: Wanted Shoes Akira Lace-Up Boot, $90; Aldo Mcdade Boot, $90

Wedges à la Marc by Marc Jacobs: BC Alamo Boot, $100; Deena & Ozzy Sweater Cuff Wedge, $80