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1. I have to ask…where does the name Sally Jane Vintage come from?
Well, it’s actually a childhood nickname. My dad never called any of us kids (I have a brother and a sister) by our given names, and somehow I got the moniker Sally Jane. I’m not sure where it came from other than from his imagination.

2. You have been selling on Etsy since 2009 and have over 2,000 sales. That is not only awe-inspiring to other independent sellers, but it is also quite a feat considering you’ve only been at it for three years. What was the most difficult thing about starting out selling your beautiful vintage finds? Why did you choose Etsy, and how long did it take you to gain such a loyal following?
Thanks so much! I felt like it was quite a milestone to hit the 2,000 sales mark. I made the switch from eBay to Etsy in 2009 after I soured on eBay for a variety of reasons. Since I was already selling vintage online, it was a pretty easy transition. I found Etsy to be the quaint online mom & pop shop in contrast to the giant ‘shopping mall’ that is eBay. Frankly, I felt like I was getting lost in the crowd on eBay and really liked the atmosphere and aesthetic of Etsy. I still feel like I’m small potatoes compared to some of the amazing sellers that populate the Etsy site but I’m happy and it keeps me busy and that’s all that matters.

3. Your vintage collections are perfectly curated, from colors to themes and inspirations. How do you come up with all these unique compositions? I guess what I mean is, what are your personal inspirations behind selling the vintage you find? Are you on the hunt for certain pieces to pair together or is more of a natural whatever finds you kind of process?
Thanks again! I really enjoy putting together those little collections. Sometimes, it’s based around a certain color, other times a specific time period or silhouette. There’s no real science to the process. It usually comes together pretty organically. I think when I’m hunting for vintage I’m naturally attracted to pieces in certain colors or fabrics or shapes so I quickly accumulate pieces in a similar theme and the collections just come together. Although, sometimes, I fall in love with something that doesn’t fit into a collection and I end up holding onto it for months before I can figure out how to work it in. As for the inspiration behind the vintage that I sell, I love to find pieces that are truly wearable and fit seamlessly into any gal’s wardrobe. As much as I admire the sellers that stock their shops full of gorgeous party dresses (who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that all day?), I really strive to find vintage pieces that can be seamlessly incorporated into a modern wardrobe and worn time and time again.

4. This is also an obligatory question: How did you get into buying and selling vintage?
I’ve always had a love for thrift shopping and vintage. Even as far back as high school (in the early ’90s!), I was scouring thrift stores for unique things to wear. Of course there was no Internet back then and it never occurred to me that I would be able to set up a virtual shop and sell vintage to gals around the world. By the time I moved to LA, the world of selling vintage online was exploding and I looked and what other people were doing and thought, “I could do that!” I took $200 with me down to Melrose Avenue and bought as much vintage as I could ($200 doesn’t go very far in LA!) and listed the pieces on eBay. To my utter surprise and delight, everything I listed the first week sold and I haven’t stopped since.

5. Given the New Year has just arrived and everyone’s got the future on their minds, where do you see Sally Jane Vintage in five years? Is this something that you want to do for the rest of your life, or will there ever come a day when you decide you just want to keep everything you’ve found because it’s all so awesome?
For the time being, I’m happy maintaining my current shop in its current state. Perhaps as technology advances, I’ll have to keep up and who knows what that will mean. I know I’d like to be involved with vintage in some regard forever. Again, who knows what the future holds! I do try to keep my personal collection in check so I’m sure I’ll always be passing along some of the things I find to new homes.




1. Osanatharnoy Rose Gold Lines Ring, $58
2. Drew More Reptile Eye Ring, $13
3. Aquanetta Five Ring Lot of Mythology Rings, $20
4. Sisicata Clear Resin Ring with Amber and Black Resin, $40
5. Laurel Hill Double Crescent Necklace, $38
6. Caravan Treasure Sterling Silver Eyeball Ring, $45
7. Renathe Schneider Mosquito Resin Ring, $28
8. Flowers for Real Jewelry Foliage Pendant, $22
9. Marya Zoya Dangle Drop Earrings, $30



It’s August, and it’s six trillion degrees outside. If you’ve got hair that is long enough to go up, you’re wearing it up more than ever. Now, I love a show-stopping necklace as much as the next gal, and ditto that for the oversized, clunky bangles, but when my hair (which I personally consider an accessory) is wound up in a demure chignon, I sometimes feel the need for a little compensation up top. So, considering we all have our ears out on such display during this steamy eighth month of the year, badass earrings are clearly the way to go…

But, you know what’s annoying? Heavy-ass earrings that make your ears bleed. And, sometimes (correct me if I’m wrong), it seems like a fair share of the gorgeous statement-making earrings out there, once put on, somehow manage to morph into demonic hanging anvils set on making each turn of the head a skin-stretching nightmare. Also, what about all those lovely lobes out there that are not pierced? Are they to eternally wallow in the mind-numbing sea of vintage clip-ons? Never. The solution: the ear cuff.

It started when I stumbled upon this amazing Spine Earpiece by FELIKS + ADRIK, but ultimately decided I needed something a bit more budget-friendly. Well, did I ever hit the jackpot–who knew there was such an array of affordable earcuffs out there? We’ve got your needs covered, from the more subdued to downright extravagant. All I have to say is: God bless you, ASOS.

So, without further ado, we present to you eight adventurous ear adornments–all under $40–for the pierced and non-pierced alike.

1. Etsy Plain Gold Heart Cuff Earring, $4
2. Urban Outfitters Hanging Chain Ear Cuff, $18
3. Anni Jürgenson Ear Cuff w/Pheasant Feathers, $38
4. Anni Jürgenson Ear Cuff w/Rose-Gold Spikes, $37
5. ASOS Rose Gold Leaf Ear Cuff, $18
6. ASOS Stars Ear Cuff, $18
7. ASOS Snake Ear Cuff, $14
8. ASOS Statement Draping Chains Ear Cuffs, $12



If you bug out at the mere sight of creepy crawlies and other tiny winged creatures, well then, this bounty of Etsy goodies may not be the treasure you’re seeking…

Insect imagery has been adorning many a fashionable person since ancient Egyptian times (think unbelievable scarab pieces featuring gold and lapis lazuli), however, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that people actually began to wear real insects encased in resin. Not to worry, though–you certainly won’t find any of these guys wiggling around on your wrist, sternum, or finger. Instead, you’ll be able to ‘get in touch with nature’ without chancing any unwanted live encounters. Works for us!

1. Colony Collapse Real Bee Ring, $25*
2. Jewel Beetle Wing Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet, $165*
3. Real Moth Eye Wing Necklace, $35
4. Oxidized Brass Egyptian Scarab Cuff, $49*
5. Sacred Scarab Beetle Earrings, $13
6. Real Fly Resin Ring, $28*
7. Butterfly Wing Pendant, $30
8. Emerald Green Lucite Bracelet with Real Beetles, $75*
9. Yellow Beetle Wing Ring, $12
10. Exotic Beetle Lucite Bracelet, $60*

*Items pictured above




We at VG are all too familiar with the woes of having to work with a post-holiday budget and we hear you when you say a fresh, new pick-me-up is in order, but compromising next month’s rent… kinda out of the question. That’s why we’ve lowered the spending bar to a modest $20 for this week’s Etsy round-up to find you the best bargains out there for your buck.

Staggered rings? Check.
Tribal turbans? Check.
Art deco inspired jewelry? Check.
Fashion-forward on a ridiculously low budget? CHECK.

Believe us when we say this is real. We’ve done the calculating and the whole shebang can be yours for a measly < $200.

Looks like it’s time for you to GET SOME!

1. Southern Breeze Studio Southwest Diamond Earrings, $18
2. Crumpet Cake Starfish Necklace, $16
3. The Turnip Truck Hexagon Pendant Necklace, $15
4. Labyrinth Vintage Kitty Brass Ring, $20
5. Rave Neve Jewelry Byzantine Armor Ring, $20
6. The Vintage Cabin Tribal Brass Ring, $18
7. Madam George Tribal Turban, $15
8. Mis Kabelle Vintage Ivory and Grey Rope Belt, $16
9. Dress Design Kitty T-Shirt Dress, $17
10. Verhext Green Suede Drawstring Bucket Bag, $18



Everyone knows the holidays can be an especially financially trying–nay, crippling time, so we’ve compiled this easy list of eye-catching must-have treats on the cheap guaranteed to be a hit with everyone from the bestie to dear old mom. Because believe it or not, $50 can go the distance (in style) and that’s a beautiful thing.

1. Crumpet Cake Golden Wreath Necklace, $21
2. Little O By Wolf Brother Triangle Necklace, $28
3. Lovely Musings Bright Idea Necklace, $22
4. Lucky Little Dot Vintage Brass Rocking Horse, $15
5. Sunsan Wood Earrings, $8
6. xVELVETx Raw Quartz Chandelier Earrings, $48
7. Timberline Ltd 3 Pendleton Wool Organizer Bags, $24
8. Boyfrien Girlfrien People Book Bag, $50
9. Sisicata Moss Ring, $40
10. Tohold 3 Small Air Plants, $12