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Lara Stone, Phoebe Philo, and Alexa Chung are industry names we all know and love and Tuesday night, all three lovely ladies got the recognition they rightfully deserve at the British Fashion Awards. In fact, the British press as even deemed the event Ladies Night given this is the first year women have won more awards than men since the awards began in 1974. For those that don’t know, Phoebe Philo has been the Creative Director of Céline since 2008, but she got her start at Chloé as Stella McCartney’s design assistant (so jelly). Now, she’s walkin’ home with 2010’s Designer of the Year Award. As for Alexa, she sashayed away with the people’s hearts: the British Style Award; and Lara Stone (VG’s favorite sexy sweater girl) won Model of the Year. To this trinity of female fashion talent, we at VERY GLOSSY salute you! Keep it up, gals.


*Well, or not, if you want to opt for a cheap version of this look, which I really have yet to find. A bit odd, considering Chloé has been on top of this trend since fall 2009. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before these babies hit Forever 21 (and for the love of God, someone tell me if they already have!) but until then, let’s all drool together, shall we, over this delicious array of blanket sweaters now available at Neiman’s, Nordstorm, and Asos, among others. If I had to give a ballpark sum of what you’ll be spending, I’d say around $100.00 and upwards… but hey, at least you’re getting a lot of fabric for your dollar, gals! Actually, I did find this one and one other at Asos for more like $70.00, if that makes it any easier on you and your wallet…

Can we think of anything else that’s more comfortable or practical (imagine that) come this fall and winter season? […] Hmmm, drawing a blank here… no, I cannot! My ultimate pick, if I had all sorts of money? This one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (which is still kind of insanely expensive, ugh). I’ve already got about 40 outfits planned out in my head. Because basically, you can put these on top of anything you want. You could get lazy and just rock this + a basic black tank + statement necklace, in the middle of winter, and no one will be the wiser. Now that’s a score. Belt it if you’re feeling extra saucy!

Just remember: it’s a MUST to pair these up with tight-fitted pants (or what-have-you) on the bottom. My pick is the ultimate contrast piece to a loose top: the winter legging. Pull over your fave pair of black or brown boots, and you are officially riding into fall all cozy n’ comfortable. Now let me hear you say no to that.


Hoo boy, everyone loves a bargain, and look what I just spotted: a See by Chloé scarf for a smidge more than what you will pay at Macy’s. Interested? That’s what I thought. Fall is here and winter’s around the corner, so do yourself a favor and pick up a lux, cozy (WELL-MADE!) scarf to get you through the rough months. You all know about the cable-knit craze for fall/winter; this is the perfect way to incorporate that trend into your wardrobe, and all in a color that goes with everything. Might we also recall that quality pieces age well and last longer? Mmmhmm. I think we’ll all admit that paying $170.00 for a wool scarf is a bit steep… but $59.00, and for Chloé… now we’re talkin’.


My God, do I love Céline. I first really discovered the iconic French label… where else? Why, studying abroad in France of course. It did sort of re-ring a bell for me at the time, seeing as though I did start buying Vogue at an Arkansas IGA at the age of 12…

So I guess I should say, the first time it really occurred to me to seek out the name was when I spotted the label on another exchange student: the uber-fashionable-and-enviably-pint-sized Japanese chick that sat next to me in writing class. She had a Céline bag. It was then that I knew we, that is, Céline and myself, would have a life-long friendship (imaginary friendship counts, right?). The bag… it was amazing. Clearly. I haven’t forgotten it after almost ten years, for God’s sake…

Fun fact! Michael Kors was Creative Director at Céline in the late 90s, up until 2004. I can definitely see the parallels between what he did at Céline and his MK collections now, but there’s still a sort of… hidden, mysterious quality to Céline pieces that renders them extra-special. A quality that is distinctly, well, Céline. Currently, Phoebe Philo stands at the brand’s helm. She designed the Paddington bag when heading up Chloé, y’all. She’s got it going ON. Oh, and let me tell you, if you didn’t catch a glimpse of her Spring 2010 collection for Céline last year… well. Boy do I feel sorry for you.

When I see a Céline ensemble (much like when I see anything Chloé), I always gasp to myself something along the lines of, “Oh yes, I want to embody what I am seeing.” In my humble opinion, it’s that enviably chic quality + French allure + razor-sharp Brit styling meets American sportswear that gives it a certain… edge. To say the least.

Stay tuned for more (the Spring 2011 collection, that is) come next SundayOctober 3rd at Paris Fashion Week. I have a feeling that with Philo in the kitchen, we’ve got all sorts of treats in store. Just you wait.