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1. I have to ask…where does the name Sally Jane Vintage come from?
Well, it’s actually a childhood nickname. My dad never called any of us kids (I have a brother and a sister) by our given names, and somehow I got the moniker Sally Jane. I’m not sure where it came from other than from his imagination.

2. You have been selling on Etsy since 2009 and have over 2,000 sales. That is not only awe-inspiring to other independent sellers, but it is also quite a feat considering you’ve only been at it for three years. What was the most difficult thing about starting out selling your beautiful vintage finds? Why did you choose Etsy, and how long did it take you to gain such a loyal following?
Thanks so much! I felt like it was quite a milestone to hit the 2,000 sales mark. I made the switch from eBay to Etsy in 2009 after I soured on eBay for a variety of reasons. Since I was already selling vintage online, it was a pretty easy transition. I found Etsy to be the quaint online mom & pop shop in contrast to the giant ‘shopping mall’ that is eBay. Frankly, I felt like I was getting lost in the crowd on eBay and really liked the atmosphere and aesthetic of Etsy. I still feel like I’m small potatoes compared to some of the amazing sellers that populate the Etsy site but I’m happy and it keeps me busy and that’s all that matters.

3. Your vintage collections are perfectly curated, from colors to themes and inspirations. How do you come up with all these unique compositions? I guess what I mean is, what are your personal inspirations behind selling the vintage you find? Are you on the hunt for certain pieces to pair together or is more of a natural whatever finds you kind of process?
Thanks again! I really enjoy putting together those little collections. Sometimes, it’s based around a certain color, other times a specific time period or silhouette. There’s no real science to the process. It usually comes together pretty organically. I think when I’m hunting for vintage I’m naturally attracted to pieces in certain colors or fabrics or shapes so I quickly accumulate pieces in a similar theme and the collections just come together. Although, sometimes, I fall in love with something that doesn’t fit into a collection and I end up holding onto it for months before I can figure out how to work it in. As for the inspiration behind the vintage that I sell, I love to find pieces that are truly wearable and fit seamlessly into any gal’s wardrobe. As much as I admire the sellers that stock their shops full of gorgeous party dresses (who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that all day?), I really strive to find vintage pieces that can be seamlessly incorporated into a modern wardrobe and worn time and time again.

4. This is also an obligatory question: How did you get into buying and selling vintage?
I’ve always had a love for thrift shopping and vintage. Even as far back as high school (in the early ’90s!), I was scouring thrift stores for unique things to wear. Of course there was no Internet back then and it never occurred to me that I would be able to set up a virtual shop and sell vintage to gals around the world. By the time I moved to LA, the world of selling vintage online was exploding and I looked and what other people were doing and thought, “I could do that!” I took $200 with me down to Melrose Avenue and bought as much vintage as I could ($200 doesn’t go very far in LA!) and listed the pieces on eBay. To my utter surprise and delight, everything I listed the first week sold and I haven’t stopped since.

5. Given the New Year has just arrived and everyone’s got the future on their minds, where do you see Sally Jane Vintage in five years? Is this something that you want to do for the rest of your life, or will there ever come a day when you decide you just want to keep everything you’ve found because it’s all so awesome?
For the time being, I’m happy maintaining my current shop in its current state. Perhaps as technology advances, I’ll have to keep up and who knows what that will mean. I know I’d like to be involved with vintage in some regard forever. Again, who knows what the future holds! I do try to keep my personal collection in check so I’m sure I’ll always be passing along some of the things I find to new homes.




This Friday, designer Zivile Pupinyte will present her latest collection of unisex jewelry at Gravers Lane Gallery in Chestnut Hill, PA. The collection recognizes the reality of a world in which we are all connected and influenced by one other, no matter how brief or intricate our relationships may be. Zivile believes that these mutual daily interactions leave an everlasting mark on our individual existence and that whether we are bonded by love, family genetics, or simply the exchange of friendly glances, our coexisting synergies shape who we are regardless of where we come from.

The Screwed Forever collection is for everyone. Each piece is individually assembled to provide a uniqueness that is influenced by none other than the people who have touched Zivile’s own life. These works of wearable art make the perfect statement gift for loved ones on your list for the upcoming holiday season and can be created with any precious metal and/or be embellished with stones and diamonds upon request.

The showcase will also feature an artistic installation piece by Zivile that aims to convey the true meaning of connectivity within our individual beings while also recreating awareness of the human bond. The event is the first presentation of this unparalleled collection and is part of a North American series of events for Zivile which aims not only to display her beautiful creations but to aid us in reconnecting the ties that bind humanity. This must-see event is free and open to the public and will also offer up refreshments and hors d’oeuvres provided by local establishments. Don’t you dare miss the chance to witness the world premier of this very special collection.

Visit for more information


YES! Cooler weather is finally here, which means it’s time to whip out those fabulous leather jackets appropriate for all occasions. Now, considering the fact that we are not all millionaires, models or blood-thirsty vampires who love sporting animal hides, we’ve complied a nice little list of the best budget–and PETA–friendly leather-looking coats to get us through the coldest days of the year.

Your wallets will certainly thank me later. ♥

1. H&M Pilot Jacket, $50
Acrylic and polyester never looked so good. This coat likes long walks amidst fall foliage and coordinates perfectly with pretty much ANYTHING you already own.

2. ASOS Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $90
The biker coat of our dreams finally becomes a reality in more than one color and costs less than $100. Need we say more?

3. Forever 21 Studded Leatherette Jacket, $48
When will you ever find a vibrantly colored faux leather studded jacket like this? NEVER. Okay, well, you may find one by Balmain for literally thousands of dollars, but let’s be real: This sick statement coat by F21 will turn heads without hurting our animal friends or your wallet.

4. Macy’s Fever Shearling Jacket, $100
Shearling never goes out of style. Especially when it warms your soul and is under 100 bucks. Not to mention, it’s available at Macy’s, which we know has super sales every other week. Grab this now and I guarantee you’ll have it forever.

5. Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Bomber, $69
Every girl needs a moto jacket, a wool cape and a leather bomber (in this case, faux leather bomber). Without them, you will not only freeze, but you’ll also find yourself having a hard time matching your already cute outfits with outerwear that’s both practical and attractive.  Well, have no fear, Urban Outfitters is here with this super cute bomber (available in four colors!) so that you can put all your faux leather woes to rest and enjoy the perfect coat for any cold-weather occasion.



The secret is out: Red is the new black! Well, at the very least, it seems to be hotter than black for this fall. How many of you have actually tried to pull off the head-to-toe red ensemble? Probably not many, but there’s no doubt in our mind that you all have at least one vibrant red piece tucked away in your closets somewhere (or at least we’d like to think so).

Red is the color of passion, a primary color of humanity and the most attractive color of lipstick on any fashionable woman. Red accessories (a great option if you just can’t bring yourself to rock, well, red pants) can also add the perfect pop of color to any dull wardrobe, instantly cheering up pessimistic onlookers’ doubt about this season’s brightest trend. Whether you are an A-list celebrity looking to stand out on the red carpet or just a broke student looking for a job this fall, red is the ultimate wardrobe color choice, now and until the end of time.

Try out these statement pieces to turn heads and make moves this season:
1. Kami Shade Red Sequin Dress, $84
2. Topshop Red Short Sleeved Tie Blouse, $75*
3. Zara Palazzo Trousers, $60
4. Dolce Vita Marcel Loafers, $65
5. Forever 21 Pleated Tie Skirt, $16*
6. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick, $20*
7. Nail Fraud Red Heart Nail Decal, $10*
8. Halston Red Silk Halter Dress, $75*
9. Vintage Red Wool Coat, via Etsy, $157*
10. Vintage Red Leather Purse, via Etsy, $12

*Items pictured; photo of Dita provided courtesy of


But it would be nothin’ without a woman. Sung by the great James Brown and brought to life by all you fine ladies out there who don’t hesitate to stop traffic while sporting your favorite boyfriend blazer

I’ll be the first to profess my love for men’s clothing and I tend to covet menswear pieces just as much as women’s. It can all be as simple as a men’s watch on the tiny wrist of a lovely lady or a boxy, oversized coat thrown over a sexy mini dress. Here, we’ve laid out some ideas for you all you gals who have always wanted to try this look but were afraid to give it a go. Take a hint from the guys: Less is more!

INSPIRATION: Dolce & Gabbana. I love love love this suit. I also love the fact that it’s made of velvet, paired with wingtips and topped with a hat. Try this ensemble at a friendlier price point for your man’s total approval.

American Retro Velvet Pants, $140
ASOS Satin Lapel Blazer, $128
Fitzwell Justice Wingtips, $27
ASOS Shirt with Contrast Placket, $55
ASOS Velvet Bow Tie, $15
Vintage Fedora via Etsy, $49

INSPIRATION: The Row. Flirt with masculine color as only The Row can (and now, you). Quite simply, The Row is pretty much the sickest young brand out there right now. The Olsens sure know what they’re doing when it comes to design seeing as though their label is only four years old and is continuously cleaning out every fashionable bank account around. Let’s take a spin on one of the label’s looks for fall, shall we?

Topshop Boyfriend Blazer, $130
Topshop Mustard Ankle Grazers, $76
ASOS Sleeveless Pocket Front Blouse, $46
Vintage Colorblock Belt via Etsy, $23
Vintage Leopard Loafers via Etsy, $18

INSPIRATION: Valentino. This ensemble from Valentino’s fall 2011 runway show is the epitome of combining menswear with women’s. I love the straight-leg trouser, velvet overcoat and sexy sheer blouse. Here’s our take on the look for those of us who can’t quite afford a $5,000 ensemble just yet.

ASOS Vila Twill Tailored Trouser, $64
Black Sheer Satin Striped Blouse via Etsy, $30
Vintage Velvet Coat via Etsy, $55
Lord & Taylor Isola Wren Studded Heels, $150

And, while you’re at it, go ahead and take a gander at Zara‘s September lookbook for some more inspiration and budget-friendly menswear-inspired finds. You can thank us later.



It’s no secret that fashion takes on many faces. Preppybohoelegantruggedmasculinefeminine… the list goes on… and on. No matter what you may desire, there is a fashion brand out there to meet your needs. That brand for me has always been, and always will be, ACNE.

I am a fan of fashion that combines genres, worlds, and aesthetics. ACNE is a master of mixing the future of fashion with every single silhouette that has worked for women (and men) in the past— its Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection being no exception. My mind is truly blown by the sheer simplicity of this ‘studio,’ as its designs manage to create the perfect hint of avant-garde aftertaste combined with a sense of realistic wear-abilityI want everything! And, I want to wear it all the time, regardless of the season that ACNE happens to be showing. To me, that is a sign of a truly great fashion brand: one that puts forth collections that can be placed in any season, in any year, and still stand on its own–and the test of time–in order to inspire the future.

Let’s just say this: An awesome pair of fringed loafers goes a long way…

View video footage of the entire presentation at London Fashion Week here.

All runway photos provided courtesy of


When we were young children, we would seek comfort, we’d cuddle and we’d confide in our favorite teddy bear buddies. So why not translate that comfort and whimsy into fashion? That is just what designer Violet Valen has done with her one-of-a-kind fashion brand Buddy Society. Every piece made by Valen is handmade with love using vintage teddy bears she handpicks from all over the world. Valen’s creative brand started as a custom made-to-order line for children. She would patch adorable collectible teddy bears onto everyday garments, giving kids a sense of home and companionship wherever they went. From there, her line quickly grew into full-fledged fashion design initiative for children and for adults, and continues to gain popularity among celebs like Drew Barrymore and other fashionistas alike…

We absolutely LOVE her most recent collection of teddy shorts and boyfriend jeans which debuted back in May, and think they’d make a perfect addition to your statement-making wardrobe.

Valen carefully selects all of her bears from destinations around the globe, then lovingly designs them into wearable works of art that are as comfortable as your favorite pajamas. Check out her awesome selection of unique handmade pieces here. You’ll be glad to have a buddy on your back this summer and for plenty of years to come.