Most of us think that in order to have beautiful and younger looking skin, we need to spend a fortune on countless brand name moisturizers, tonics and eye treatments. Well, that’s what I used to think… until the day I was introduced to Greenridge Organics by a friend of mine from yoga class.

I had been complaining about my recent discovery of harsh chemicals contained in beauty products, and how some of these chemicals are linked to diseases–cancer being among them. She then proceeded to tell me about a small organic company based in Florida called Greenridge Organics, and the rest was history. I went directly home and placed my first order on the spot. This was two years ago and since then, I haven’t dared to put anything else on my face. Each product is handmade with organic ingredients and comes in a glass jar. The best part is, when reading off the ingredients listed in each product, you’ll easily identify a wide array of oils, herbs and flowers with no unexpected surprises.

As of now, I have tried almost every product from the brand’s online store, and if I had to recommend just one product from Greenridge, it’d have to be the Calendula Primrose Face Cream. It’s a winner. It’s a pink moisturizer that contains glorious ingredients like primrose, red rasberry, calendula, pumpkin seed, helichrysum and high level of Vitamin E. As most of you well know, Vitamin E is known for its skin repairing qualities, so if you have damaged skin, you’ve met your perfect match with this product. I use the Primrose Face Cream the most during dry seasons since it’s very oily; in the summer, this product is a bit too strong for me. That said, when the spring/summer season hits, I usually use the Chamomile Rose Face Cream as my ultimate go-to, which is a bit less oily and beneficial for all skin types. As for eye treatments, I swear by the Carrot Seed Eye Renewal Treatment and highly recommend this stuff to treat wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes.

Another amazing thing about Greenridge Organics is that you can actually create your own face cream. My mother used to tell me that, back in the day, she could go to any drug store and ask the pharmacist to concoct a custom-made moisturizer. Since every skintype is different, the buyer could simply request the ingredients she would like included in her custom face cream. I was amazed with this idea, and recently discovered that Greenridge added this option. You can go to the official website, choose your skintype, booster, plant hydrosol, emulsifier (certified organic beeswax or vegetable emulsifying wax), essential oils, and then you can even choose the name of your creation. I haven’t tried it yet since it’s the fall/winter season and I am in love with my oily Primrose Face Cream at the moment, but if you would like to create your very own face cream, click here. Or, if you’re not sure which one to get, you can try the Face Cream Sampler’s Kit to narrow down the right choice for your skin.

Whichever product you choose, I assure that your skin will thank you for it. These products are organic with zero chemicals, they’re handmade, they smell absolutely irresistible! What else could you possibly ask for?! Oh, and most importantly, compared  to other beauty brands, Greenridge Organics is pretty affordable. You are officially out of excuses when it comes to not placing an order. Do it! This is a no regrets investment your skin will be sure to return.




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