YES! Cooler weather is finally here, which means it’s time to whip out those fabulous leather jackets appropriate for all occasions. Now, considering the fact that we are not all millionaires, models or blood-thirsty vampires who love sporting animal hides, we’ve complied a nice little list of the best budget–and PETA–friendly leather-looking coats to get us through the coldest days of the year.

Your wallets will certainly thank me later. ♥

1. H&M Pilot Jacket, $50
Acrylic and polyester never looked so good. This coat likes long walks amidst fall foliage and coordinates perfectly with pretty much ANYTHING you already own.

2. ASOS Faux Leather Biker Jacket, $90
The biker coat of our dreams finally becomes a reality in more than one color and costs less than $100. Need we say more?

3. Forever 21 Studded Leatherette Jacket, $48
When will you ever find a vibrantly colored faux leather studded jacket like this? NEVER. Okay, well, you may find one by Balmain for literally thousands of dollars, but let’s be real: This sick statement coat by F21 will turn heads without hurting our animal friends or your wallet.

4. Macy’s Fever Shearling Jacket, $100
Shearling never goes out of style. Especially when it warms your soul and is under 100 bucks. Not to mention, it’s available at Macy’s, which we know has super sales every other week. Grab this now and I guarantee you’ll have it forever.

5. Sparkle and Fade Faux Leather Bomber, $69
Every girl needs a moto jacket, a wool cape and a leather bomber (in this case, faux leather bomber). Without them, you will not only freeze, but you’ll also find yourself having a hard time matching your already cute outfits with outerwear that’s both practical and attractive.  Well, have no fear, Urban Outfitters is here with this super cute bomber (available in four colors!) so that you can put all your faux leather woes to rest and enjoy the perfect coat for any cold-weather occasion.



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