Yes, that’s right, VG is going where many have not dared go before: to the pseudo-liberated polygamist compound. How’s that for a style niche? For those of you who are fans of the show Big Love, you know that Chloë Sevigny’s character on the show, Nicolette Grant, is by far the most interesting fashion-wise, as she embodies this mystifying combination of a woman who is at the same time self-assured yet prudishly restrained, all wrapped up in what I like to call modern commune couture. And, for once, ‘couture’ may even be the appropriate term here (!), as I’m pretty sure the majority of those ruffled button-down ‘western’ tops of Nicki’s are not from Anthropologie, but actually made by hand and especially for her. At least I like to think so…

Is it so wrong that I sometimes envy Nicolette Grant’s style? Or that I admire it at all? Sure, the fact that Chloë Sevigny portrays Nicki doesn’t hurt–the woman could throw on a chicken feed sack and probably still look good. But part of me can’t help but think that Sevigny wouldn’t be in this role to being with if she didn’t take some sort of pleasure in wearing the character. She knows. There is a grey area where the beliefs of the hedonist and those of the devout moralist meet, and it’s at the idea of how things that are so ‘wrong’ subsequently feel (and, in this case, look) so good. I suppose I feel the same way about Nicki’s style. It’s so out-there, prim-prairie-girl-princess, it’s… perfect. It looks… good? Would I wear a head-to-toe Nicki-inspired look? Um, probably not. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t happily take a style hint or two from her. With that in mind, we have corralled a batch of items here which evokes everything there is to love about the infamous Ms. Grant without forcing the style gods to consider bringing on the end of days. Remember, this is more about inspiration than imitation.

If there’s one thing we can give props to Nicolette for, it’s getting fit down pat, and this is partially why her look works. But if you want to emulate her, you must modernize at least one facet of the ensemble. For example, take a pair of brown or denim shorts and pair with a tucked-in, buttoned-up blouse + leggings + a pair of cowboy boots. Remember, too, that remaining covered up is key, but playing with this season’s peek-a-boo trend is a fun way to keep it sexy and relevant, so throw in a pair of sheer tights or a top with cutouts while you’re at it. You could also go for a floral maxi + boots + a simple white top + fitted blazer, topped off with urban-inspired accessories. The possibilities are endless.

The integral parts of Nicki’s style are a soft, earth-toned color palette, subtle floral motifs and demure denim. Other key items to remember: cowboy boots (browns only), maxi skirts of any kind and, of course, the button-up. What would Nicki’s style be without the button-up? In fact, I may have to deem it her signature. This season, I love how savvy gals are going for a fully buttoned-up oxford and topping it off with a choker or southwestern-vibed neck candy. Super chic.

Finally, we simply cannot overlook the piece-de-résistance of the whole shebang: the French braid. Nicki can rock the hell out of a French braid, and that protruding frontal poof is kind of amazing, no? Not really into returning to the joys of your early 90s childhood gymnastics class? Go for a subtle side braid instead. Again, literal translation is what you want to shy away from, it’s all about putting your own spin on the guiding principle here–pun intended.

1. A Wear Suedette Blazer, $90
2. Mikael Aghal Belted Printed Shirt Dress, $82* (on sale)
3. Pepe Jeans Winter Floral Maxi Skirt, $126
4. American Apparel Pinpoint Long Sleeve Button-Up, $58*
5. Frye Billy Tall Boot, $298*
6. Vanessa Bruno Nude Buttons-Front Top, $142 (on sale)
7. Beth Graham Silk Blouse, $210*
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Titan Gold Double Breasted Silk Top, $250*
9. Tony Lama Kaitlyn Crystal Belt, $76* (on sale)
10. Polo Ralph Lauren Brown Tooled Leather Belt, $300*
11. Aldo Pompa Boot, $150

*Items pictured above

Photos of Chloë provided courtesy of



  1. I’ve got BIG LOVE for this post. Ha! ❤

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