Still wiping away those bitter tears after what I like to refer to as the Missoni for Target Massacre? Same here. Sure, the Jason Wu for Target collection is set to hit the discount retailer come next February, and, rightfully so, the fashion world is abuzz with what to expect from what is sure to be an amazing capsule collection. However, let’s be sure not to overlook the more under-the-radar triple threat Target will be unleashing at the end of October (10/30) from a trio of talented designers you may have never even heard of: Albertus SwanepoelJosie Natori and Dana Kellin. This means that (gasp) you actually have a semi-decent chance of being able snag some of these expertly designed items before they sell out and/or before those evil Ebay sellers get their grubby little hands on everything to then subsequently flip and sell for twice the price (ugh).

So… who are these people, you ask. And, what can we expect? Well, my inquisitive glossies, hatslingerie/loungewear and jewelry is what we’re workin’ with here, respectively. Albertus Swanepoel is a well established and respected South African milliner known for his oftentimes avant-garde creations and has worked with the likes of everyone from Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs to Martha Stewart. His Target collection includes a diverse array of hats, many of which bear a vintage-y feel, from fedoras, floppies and faux-fur to cute little cloches.

Josie Natori, a native of the Philippines who actually first rocked Wall St. of all places in the 70s as the first female VP of investment banking at Merrill Lynch, got her start in fashion creating sleep shirts inspired by embroidered blouses of her homeland, and the rest is history. Her Target collection nods a bit to her native land featuring bras, panties, robes, leggings and camis wrapped in vivid red, black, geometric prints and intricate florals. Natori’s contributions will actually hit the store in two waves: the first, from 10/30 to 12/22 and the second, just in time for V-Day, from 1/1 to 2/23.

As for Dana Kellin, her delicately refined designs featuring soft-colored stones embedded in an assortment of necklace and earrings embody the New York City designer’s penchant for feminine adornment with mass appeal. Take my advice and keep these pieces in mind for mom and the girls at the office come the Holidays; they will make a lovely and affordable present that is as pleasing as it is, for lack of a better word, practical.

And again… the best news of all? You most likely won’t have to claw someone’s eyes out to get your hands on these discounted designs. I think we’d all agree that the only thing better than cheap, unique designer duds is cheap, unique designer duds attained sans stress. AmIright?

Alburtus Swanepoel images provided courtesy of; Josie Natori images provided courtesy of; Dana Kellin images provided courtesy of


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