Thought L.L.Bean was only good for gear suited for the great outdoors (and the middle-aged)? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the only reason I’ve ever even stepped foot inside an L.L.Bean store was to purchase my future father-in-law a birthday present—and to peruse through the brand’s adorable, puppy-filled catalogs.

However, in light of some recent discoveries, my tune might be a changin’. When the always lovely Kelly Framel of The Glamourai posted a sneak preview of her styling for L.L.Bean’s S/S 2012 Signature collection, my interests were piqued. In fact, a quick glance over the store’s fall 2011 lookbook will probably leave you pleasantly surprised, as it is chock-full of beautiful, classic pieces with a fun middle-of-the-woods flair. The choice of fabrics, patterns and color palette all exude an appealing autumn/winter weather vibe and might even give you the urge to head to the hills… to the nearest log cabin.

Paging through the lookbook and watching the collection video, both of which include younger, ‘hipper’ models, will give you the impression that L.L.Bean is trying to turn over a new leaf–or at least branch out from its typical target market. You tell us: Are you buyin’ it?

Ducktrap Boot, $179; Brushed Lambswool Crewneck, $99; Payson Pant, $119

Downeaster Sport Wool Plaid Bag, $95; Beacon Poplin Jacket, $169; Jacquard Skirt, $149

Bow Kitten Heel, $149; Camp Shirt Dress, $189; Sateen Sleeveless Dress, $179



3 responses to “NOT YOUR MAMA’S L.L.BEAN

  1. Daughter of a ex-L.L. Bean lover!

    I think that some of these items are adorable – but unfortunately my Mama does not agree! L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 and has always been the staple go-to store for the outdoorsy, middle-aged shopper. I find it rather depressing that shops like Talbots, Coldwater Creek and now L.L. Bean are starting to market their apparel towards the younger ‘hip’ shopper leaving my mother with little to no clothing options. Tight and cropped may be fine for the 20 and 30-somethings with nice figures but as we all know the world is not filled with young perfect bodies. The younger crowd has PLENTY of clothing shops to go to – I wish it still WAS my Mama’s L.L. Bean!

  2. nice post. llbsig makes me proud to be a mainer.

  3. In response to the previous post, LL Bean still has it good old relliable outdoorsy clothes, this is just a new line. Lands end has done the same thing. I still buy clothes for 69 year old mother from LLbean and they are not tight and cropped!

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