How do the manufacturing of tires for aircraft and designing footwear relate? For most people, it doesn’t, but for shoe label Palladium, these two things go hand-in-hand–or should I say, foot-in-foot?

The French company got its start in the 1920s, when airplanes were young and the company’s tires were so advanced that it put Palladium’s goods in very high demand. Production kept up well into WWII, but once the war was over, the need for aircraft production–and thus for Palladium’s tires– dropped significantly. But that did not stop the brand from taking what it knew best and applying it somewhere else in the marketplace, though. Palladium decided to apply its industrial knowledge to… the realm of boots. The French Foreign Legion then took up a liking to these boots, carrying them as far as the deserts of North Africa, where they were tested for their durability and functionality. Needless to say, they passed the test and continue to maintain a well-regarded name for themselves over 60 years later.

Adding in even more to the cool factor of this line of shoes is the label’s Exploration series, which puts a pair of Palladiums on the feet of an artist, musician, etc., who are then sent out to explore a certain location. Palladium’s latest explorer? Pharrell Williams. His location? Tokyo. Take a look around the official website for video clips.

Men, women and children can rejoice in the wide variety of color and style variations, as well as in the reasonable price points. Sure, you may not be traipsing through rugged climates regularly, but these boots are sure to keep your feet comfortable and protected when it comes to rain, snow and mud. Might we remind you, too, that winter is right around the corner.

Clockwise from top-left:
1. Women’s Baggy Leather Gusset, $120
2. Men’s Baggy Leather, $85
3. Women’s Pampa Hi II, $65
4. Men’s Pampa Hi Leather S, $95
5. Men’s Baggy Leather Gusset, $120 (introduction photo, pictured at top of post)



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