Elegance is one thing, but effortless elegance is quite another. Coco Chanel is and always will be the reigning queen of this concept, and it’s badass modern day beauts like actress and fashion scenster Clémence Poésy who keep the whole train going by consistently rocking it the right way. Any woman can consciously try to achieve an elegant look, but there are some who just ooze elegance in a way you never thought possible—like it’s ingrained in their DNA. Genetic jealousy aside, in this ensemble inspired by Clémence you will, without a doubt, transform into the epitome of carefree chic. So, why don’t we all put the mind-blowing makeup and goo-goo-Gaga accessories down for a mere moment and give the beauty of simplicity a chance. Sometimes, a seemingly simple ensemble can speak volumes if you pipe down long enough to listen. Let’s get started.

First of all, yes, you can pull off these pants. Thing is, you are obliged to tuck in your shirt. If you are not over this phobia yet (and you all know who you are), it’s time, my fashionable friends. This outfit is an example of one of those rare occurrences where, despite the relaxed fit of both the top and bottom, the frump factor is bypassed thanks to that tiny tuck-in, which instantly highlights the waist and brings the eye front and center. Oh, and ladies, with trousers like these, I’m sorry, but aside from those blessed with a height of 5’10” and up, heels are not optional. So unless you want to go full-throttlegenie-in-a bottle for the night, it’s time to break out the big girl shoes. These ‘Eleanor’ Platform Pumps ($150) by Sacha London are a nice choice that Clémence would surely stamp (or stomp) with discerning approval.

It goes without saying that black and white is definitely a hot combo for this F/W season, as is the menswear-inspired look it inevitably overlaps into, but what I love about our spin on this outfit is how the delicate sequin details of the Topshop blouse not only hook you up with more bling for your buck, but keep things interesting in a distinctly feminine way. This top would also look smokin’ hot with a pair of super-tight jeans, BTW, if you’re lookin’ to stretch that buck even farther…

Now, there’s a darn good chance that Clémence is actually wearing these gorgeous Theyskens’ Theory ‘Padam’ Wide Leg Pants in this very photo (if not, they’re a dead-ringer if I ever saw one), and, at $465, I can’t think of a more worthy investment. However, sadly, I am not living out that kind of [500-dollar pant] reality quite yet, so might I propose to you these Alice + Olivia Wide Leg Pants, which are a nice, more reasonably priced substitute that still comes across as quite luxurious. Combined with the just-enough complimentary pop of yellow sparkle courtesy of Kate Spade’s ‘Fly Girl’ Necklace and a freshly-bitten, pretty pout by way of Chantecaille’s ‘Dragonfruit’ shade of gloss de lip, you have officially achieved an A+ in effortlessly elegant. Extra credit: Run your fingers through your hair for a quick tousle and give your cheeks a little pinch of pink, and you’re on your way to veritable Parisian perfection.

1. Alice + Olivia Wide Leg Pants, $149
2. Topshop Sequin Collar and Cuffs Chiffon Shirt, $85
3. Kate Spade ‘Fly Girl’ Butterfly Necklace, $118
4. Jalda Pebbled ‘Mary Kay’ Evening Bag, $234
5. Chantecaille Lip Gloss SPF 15, $30
6. Sacha London ‘Eleanor’ Platform Pump, $150.

Photo of Clémence provided courtesy of



  1. clemence always looks so effortless – great post. she doesn’t get enough coverage for her great style.

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