The secret is out: Red is the new black! Well, at the very least, it seems to be hotter than black for this fall. How many of you have actually tried to pull off the head-to-toe red ensemble? Probably not many, but there’s no doubt in our mind that you all have at least one vibrant red piece tucked away in your closets somewhere (or at least we’d like to think so).

Red is the color of passion, a primary color of humanity and the most attractive color of lipstick on any fashionable woman. Red accessories (a great option if you just can’t bring yourself to rock, well, red pants) can also add the perfect pop of color to any dull wardrobe, instantly cheering up pessimistic onlookers’ doubt about this season’s brightest trend. Whether you are an A-list celebrity looking to stand out on the red carpet or just a broke student looking for a job this fall, red is the ultimate wardrobe color choice, now and until the end of time.

Try out these statement pieces to turn heads and make moves this season:
1. Kami Shade Red Sequin Dress, $84
2. Topshop Red Short Sleeved Tie Blouse, $75*
3. Zara Palazzo Trousers, $60
4. Dolce Vita Marcel Loafers, $65
5. Forever 21 Pleated Tie Skirt, $16*
6. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick, $20*
7. Nail Fraud Red Heart Nail Decal, $10*
8. Halston Red Silk Halter Dress, $75*
9. Vintage Red Wool Coat, via Etsy, $157*
10. Vintage Red Leather Purse, via Etsy, $12

*Items pictured; photo of Dita provided courtesy of

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