This time of the year, when one fashion week follows another fashion week, follows another fashion week, follows, yup, another fashion week

I get depressed. I mean, don’t you? How else is one supposed to feel whilst gazing upon all so many perfectly styled runway looks, the flawless hair and makeup and the amazing pairs of plats to match? And I am not even going to get into the accessories (those harnesses?!). Plain and simple: I can’t afford the Fashion Week ensembles I fall in love with. Every day, as I hoard away a bit of cash for that Forever 21 ring I’ve been eyeing, I assure myself that the whole point of everything I do is to finally be able to purchase that pair of Louboutins and Louis Vuitton bag, at least at some point in my life. Until that day when fantasy finally becomes reality, it looks like I’m forced to hunt down and put together some ‘real life’ outfits.

We have been assembling a number of RUNWAY TO RETAIL looks for a while now, and we always receive an overwhelmingly positive response to these posts. That said, if this is your first to behold, I take some solace in the fact that I am not, indeed, the only one who gets depressed around here. The most recent S/S 2012 RTW collections have been hitting homeruns with me left and right, mostly because I love all things inspired from the time period spanning from the 30s to the 70s (my heart is big, okay?). And, out of all the looks I love from the runways, Karen Walker managed to coalesce everything I am obsessed with into a one, single collection. Oxford shoes, silky prints, mod dresses, skinny tailored pants—this collection has it all. Above all, I fell in love the most with this blue Peter Pan collared blouse and black cropped pant look. Seeing as though these amazing pieces are no different than any of the others I cannot afford, I decided to hunt down some more affordable pieces elsewhere.

Dear Karen,

I assure you, once all my fashion dreams come true, your retail-priced items will be at the tippy-top of my ‘To Buy’ list. For now, I hope you approve of these most worthy substitutions:

1. ModCloth Crop by Sometime Top, $50
2. Topshop Ditsy Tulip Colar Blouse, $75
3. Topshop Black Clover Print Blouse, $76 (currently sold out)
4. GAP Slim Crop Pants, $50
5. Mia Nolen Platform Pump, $60

Runway photo provided courtesy of



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