It’s Friday, it’s been a helluva long week, and we have a hunch you’re gonna need a little something special to set all those Monday through Thursday wrongs, right. (We know we do.)

Luckily, our good friends at Les Professionnels have heard your troubles and have every intention of melting them all away, with this: Passer des Nuits Blanches, a sweet get-up-and-move mixtape dedicated to all the pretty girls with great taste in music and in fashion blogs too! Enticed? Wonderful. But first, a little background on the talented folks who made this proud music moment possible–and just in time for the weekend…

Les Professionnels is an artist, production and DJ group homegrown straight out of Philly. Comprised of three individuals, the group blends elements from a myriad of influences and genres (including pop, electronic, hip-hop and reggae), to form an eclectic, energetic soundscape that is uniquely their own. Simply put, you’ll soon hear for yourself that their self-invented tongue-in-cheek genre, ‘Awesome Step,’ readily lives up to its name.

Les Prof’s latest oeuvre includes a remix of Chromeo‘s Hot Mess featuring Grammy Award winning rapper, Dice Raw of The Legendary Roots Crew (bonus Philly points), and a remix of Shwayze and Cisco Adler‘s Drunk Off Your Love (available on the Drunk of Your Love Single EP on iTunes), while their in the works production has them collaborating with a gamut of artists located throughout Europe, Africa and across the North American continent. Les Prof’s forthcoming releases are set to include EPs of their own production, remixes from their wide-ranging network of allies, and Les Prof remixes of a laudable selection of emerging artists.

Looking to get your fix locally? Les Prof has performed weekly as the house DJs for Dice Raw’s Jam House and also hold down a monthly residency at Silk City with their party Lip Service. Stay tuned because both parties will be announcing dates for future events at the end of this month, but until then, you can catch Les Prof at their monthly party at Arrow Bar on Avenue A in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

For a glimpse into the collective hive mind, take a peek at their Tumblr at lesprof.tumblr.com; shout at them on Twitter @les_prof; and ‘like’ them on Facebook facebook.com/lesprofessionnels. Most importantly, direct your ears to their SoundCloud which contains a veritable treasure-trove of free downloads of their original production and streaming audio of standout remix work at soundcloud.com/les_prof.

Without further ado, we bring you the awesome:

Passer des Nuits Blanches
A Mixtape by Les Professionnels for VERY GLOSSY

Do You Want the Real ThingRichard Sen & Cazbee edit (b/w Les Professionnels Dedicated to All the Pretty Girls re-re-edit)
London BridgeAeroplane 
Talking About LoveNicholas
So Fine All the TimeWolfram featuring Legowelt
Le Troublant AcidKZA
ThrillerMichael Jackson (OOFT! Phazed edit)
Cloud Sia (Plastic Plates remix)
Juicy FruitDoctor Dru & Adana Twins
Sex Au BureauLes Professionnels
Disco LightsToomy Disco
Wings of a Galaxy KnightMurphy Jax
Da FunkDaft Punk
Gentle FireIlija Rudman
DystopiaYacht (The Jackals remix)
Sister SaviorThe Rapture (DFA dub)
We Are Your Friends (Acapella) – Simian
You Got The Look Long Distance Analog
Baby Can’t StopLindstrom & Christabelle
Tonight’s the Night Pete Herbert
In My ArmsMylo
KilometerSebastien Tellier (A-Trak remix)
Dirty GirlNico’s Gun
How Deep Is Your Love The Rapture
Love Is The DrugRoxy Music (The Starkiller’s Intravenous Disco Re-drip)
My Feelings For YouAvicii & Sebastien Drums




  1. John Riccone

    Just jammed to this sh_t with my gal… thanks ‘al.

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