It’s always an odd feeling to get excited about a new spring wardrobe when I haven’t even packed away my open-toed shoes yet. Every year, as soon as the last model steps off the runway, the collections are already dancing around in my mind like the light at the end of a dark, long tunnel. We know what to expect to see–tons of white and pastel pieces, floral patterns abound–the same as always. However, this year, London Fashion Week introduced some fresh, new concepts that I can’t wait to experiment with. Here’s the round-up of my personal favorites.

Brightly colored denim reigned supreme over the trouser all summer long, and continues to do so into fall. For spring, this bold look goes one step further by transitioning into prints. Channel your inner rock star by teaming up a pair with a white tee, a structured blazer and a bottle of whiskey.

I’ve got to be honest–I’m so glad that hemlines have finally come down. While I do love a good miniskirt, it’s not always the most comfortable or work-friendly option out there, so I’d much rather save them for cocktail hours. These full skirts are elegant and make you feel sophisticated and ladylike the moment you slip one on. Actually, you don’t even have to wait until spring to get a jump on this look–these will look amazingly chic with boots too.

These impossible-to-ignore fabrics were popping up all over the runways, including those of ACNEChristopher KaneFelder Felder and Giles, just to name a few. A no-brainer option for a night out, or even to add some sparkle around the holidays, these key pieces also look great toned down with a cozy sweater.

There were some crazy manicures coming down the runways of London this year. I am totally obsessed! From hieroglyphic-inspired designs at Topshop Unique to adorable teddy bears and characters by Nail Rock at Meadham Kurchhoff (see the gallery of photos here), there are plenty of inspirations from which to choose the next time you head out to the nail salon. While some of these manicures were clearly done by hand, some were actually nail wraps, like those from Nail Rock or Minx. Where has this concept been all my life!?

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  1. bonkasaurus

    I love how graphic this post is! my favorite trend is going to be metallic for sure, they are so edgy.

    -Bianca at

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