I have two weaknesses (among a few others) when it comes to clothing: pieces that epitomize comfortable luxury and pieces with a rock ‘n roll edge. French label Zadig & Voltaire combines these two aesthetics effortlessly, which isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do…

It all started with Thierry Gillier, the brand’s founder (and son of the founder of Lacoste), in 1997. Gillier sought to create an edgy collection that incorporated luxurious fabrics. In 2003, he took on Swedish model Cecilia Bonstrom as an assistant, and a mere three years later, Bonstrom became Artistic Director of the label, all the while staying true to Zadig & Voltaire’s mission of churning out luxe pieces with personality.

As you can see, the lovely Erin Wasson posed for Z&V’s SS ‘11 campaign, a collection which she also helped design. Oh, and did we mention Kate Moss is also a fan? It becomes clear rather quickly that this label holds a fair share of caché, especially on this side of the pond, as it’s not readily available on a large scale geographically (NYC, LA… that’s it), or even online; but perhaps even more importantly, Zadig & Voltaire is still an it-name on the streets of London and Paris. The price tags may be up there, but when it comes to the Euro-hip-reliable-wear factor, you’ll be getting some serious mileage on these items, which are well worth hunting for. It’s all in the thrill of the chase, isn’t it? At your marks…

Clockwise from top-left: Ana Cardigan, Caro Deluxe Caraco, Peace Pant, Heart Gold Bracelet, Christy Bubble Deluxe Handbag, Ceramique TDM Watch

Not pictured: Cora Dress, Roberts Print Dress, Tribal Silk Top, Perfia Leather Coat, Anyta T-Shirt

Zadig and Voltaire is available for purchase at and (limited selections). Z&V also has four NYC locations and one in Los Angeles.

Photos provided courtesy of

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