Ladies, the perfect handbag has arrived and it’s the brainchild of designer label Brachfeld Parlaghy that you have to thank.

In fact, it’s as if the big guy (or gal!) upstairs has been working vicariously through, or at the very least, sending divine inspiration to, Laura Brachfeld Parlaghy, the creator of these glorious handbags. Because, essentially, each of these pieces features the most desirable elements of any handbag you could ever hope to someday own. You’ve got structure, functionality, and an aesthetic that is edgy but still not too over-the-top. What more could you ask for when there’s eye-catching hardware, buttery soft leather, and a variety of textures and colors at your disposal? Not much more, we say, not much more at all…

I used to find myself fantasizing about Alexander Wang’s classic, slouchy backpacks, but now, I think I’ve found a new object of my obsession: the James Backpack. And, for a ‘mere’ $1,200, my fantasy can become your reality. Looks like it’s time to start savin’…

We also fancy (shown above): Giullano Duffle Bag, $1200; Astrid Tote, $790; Carla Tote, $900; Philippa Shoulder Bag, $600; Tamar Clutch, $470




  1. Cute bags, I like the brown and metallic one Jen xoxo

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