To infinity and beyond! At least that’s what you may be thinking if you decide to jump on the recent micro-trend explosion of galaxy printed clothing, shoes, and accessories…

Let’s break this trend down. There are the more abstract uses of the theme (see: Marc Jacobs scarf), and then there are the more representational (see: Black Milk Leggings). Generally speaking, we recommend pairing these pieces with something black–black jeans, a black tank top or a black skirt–not only because this combination makes the motif seem less cheesy 80s, but also because it will greatly increase your chances of a nerdy black hole reference.

Blastoff, ladies!
ModCloth Planet All Along Top, $33
Aqua Swinger PU Panelled Neck Printed Dress, $160
Tramp In Disguise Galaxy Print Jumpsuit, $488
Black Milk Clothing Galaxy Black Leggings, $79
BB Dakota Galaxy Print Jersey Skirt, $17
Marc Jacobs Space Age Disco Scarf, $180
Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic Lita in Astral Print, $168

Reach for the Stars!
Christopher Kane Galaxy Collection Blazer, $1,094



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