They say the 90s are back…

So let me just lay it out there: Chokers are also back. Now, you may not (or choose to not) believe me, but take a look around. They seem to be everywhere—from Lanvin to Charlotte Russe—so I suppose it’s about time we got (re-)used to the idea.

Now, for me personally, the word ‘choker’ immediately conjures up thoughts of The Craft (disclaimer: one of my favorite films) and tightly black-banded ying-yangs and peace signs… ok, and maybe one too many flashbacks from MTV’s Sex in the 90s. But don’t worry. That’s not what we’re dealing with here. This century’s take on the choker is a bit easier to swallow, and let’s also remember that this is certainly a style that knows no price prejudice. We’ve got a group of ‘em here ranging from six dollars to 600. So here you go: From nineties to now, in ten chokers or less:

Marv Graff Westbury Ribbon Necklace with Glass Clasp, $450
Nervous System Radial II Grey Felt Necklace, $66*
Forever 21 Heart Pendant Choker, $6*
Lanvin Gold Medailles Choker, $890*
Isabel Marant Black Sweat Necklace, $155
Aldo Lazenson Choker Necklace, $15*
ASOS Statement Linked Leaves Collar, $64
Reiss Hutton Tubular Metal and Resin Necklace, $115*
Anndra Neen Barrel Choker, $625*
Made Her Think Hampshire Coin Choker, $225

*Items pictured above


3 responses to “TRENDING: THE CHOKER

  1. Jesse Dziedzic

    I dont disagree with this post…

  2. Youre quite right with this piece..

  3. This definitely makes great sense to me.

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