For past three days, I have had ears and eyes peeled for anything on designers Prabal Gurung and Zana Bayne. As many of you well know, we at VG have a pretty big place in our heart for all that is leather-loved by Bayne, the harness master.

On September 8th, Bayne announced on her blog the news of her collaboration with Gurung, revealing that a new collection would be unveiled during the designer’s September 10th fashion show. My mouth instantly hit the floor and fashion-induced hyperventilation ensued. Call it dramatic, but this is one show-and heart-stopping duo worthy of just such a reaction. Just take a look this teaser below of Bayne in her studio:

After what has seemed an eternity, a full day has passed since the unveiling of the collection, so of course, I was all over YouTube yesterday searching high and low for Gurung’s new collection. I can’t even explain how happy I was when around 1:00pm PST this full fashion show video was posted. Check it out here.

Now, clearly I could carry on for hours over how ecstatic I am about this entire collabo. But I’ll spare you… and simply share with you why I got up and ran exactly five laps around myself post-fashion-gasm:

Gurung’s silky, celestial dresses offset by Bayne’s hard rock sensibility in a way I never thought possible.

The belts are slightly tuned down, so an average girl like myself can wear ‘em around town without feeling silly.

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest… it’s back to getting nose-deep into more NYC Fashion Week clips. If there is something lurking out there that can top this… I fear for my health.

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