And here I thought the jewelry of Alexis Bittar couldn’t get any better…

I mean, the man can make a bracelet look as if it just shot down from outer space. Glancing down at my own DIY jewelry, then at his, then back at mine… I come to fully understand why I always seem to end up yearning for more expensive creations such as these. Just take a peek below–I think you will see what we’re talking about.

Recently, Bittar revealed his 2012 Resort Collection. It was then that I laid eyes upon the amazing creations this guy has in store for us next year. So, before we actually run out and purchase some of these extravagant yet wearable pieces, let’s just admire for a second—scratch that, an hour—Bittar’s fabulously modern lookbook. Inspired by the 1946 movie Gilda, memories of 80s nightclub scenes, and Italian director Federico Fellini, this collection presents itself as perfectly tune with the Bittar brand image. And ladies, hear us when we say, if there is one style book that is marching in line with all this year’s trendsetting… THIS IS IT.

Through the use of color and bold imagination, the graphics of the 40+ page lookbook successfully emphasize the most wanted it-items of the season—quite simply, accessories and more accessories. Seriously, people, this book has it all–from watermelons, bears, and bold mannequins, to stripes, eggs, and dolla dolla bills y’all. Flipping through it just once, you’ll immediately realize that the world of Bittar has everything you could possibly want–and just enough intrigue to keep us on our toes, begging next season for more.

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