Nicola Formichetti is one busy man. Creative Director at the House of Mugler, Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan and at Uniqlo, and appointed stylist to Lady Gaga, Formichetti easily distinguishes himself as one of the world’s leading figures in fashion today. In an interview with Elle UK, he recalls Lady Gaga confiding, “You get more press than me, Nicola—you’re everywhere!” And as if all of the hype surrounding him wasn’t enough, Formichetti is also set to embark on yet another brave endeavor—a new NYC pop-up shop set to open its doors this Thursday, September 8th.

The opening of the store is a part of BOFFO’s 2nd Annual Building Fashion, a competition where competing architects are asked to submit designs for a retail space and fashion designer of their choosing. The winners, Mark Foster Gage and Marc Clemenceau Bailly of Gage/Clemenceau, developed a concept of a ‘shattered disco ball’ interior for designer Formichetti.

A brief excerpt from New York Magazine’s conversation with Mark Foster Gage and Nicola Formichetti about the highly anticipated event:

Have you hired staff? 
MFG: We’re going to be there, making sure people don’t touch any of the walls, getting fingerprints all over.
NF: I’ll be there; I’ll be selling the stuff. My friend Rico the zombie kid [a model who is tattooed all over, including his face and skull]—I wanted him to be shop manager. And I want him to perform in there.

What kind of performances does he do?
NF: He does these shows in Montreal with his friends about, like, blood and zombies and things like that, and it’s weird.
MFG: The mirrors are easily cleaned.

The store will carry a selection of Mugler runway pieces, a jewelry line designed by–who else–Formichetti himself, a few designer tee-shirts and hoodies, iPad and iPhone accessories, and, who knows, perhaps a surprise performance by the Gaganess herself is even in the cards.

57 Walker Street (by Broadway)
Open September 8, 2011 – September 21, 2011

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