However much I may not like to admit it, my look could fall into the sometimes dreaded all-American category. Now, this can be both good and bad. Bad as in… snoozarific and/or Abercrombie gone gangrene, and good as in… Ralph Lauren. Sure, go ahead and hate on Ralph Lauren, blah, blah, but many of us know the real truth—the man reinvented, if not single-handedly defined, the picture perfect all-American look, and in a refined (and sexy) way. Tommy Hilfiger, eat your heart out.

So, when I found out that RL just launched Denim & Supply, a supplementary line full of fantastic fall options to covet for the coming season, my ears perked up. Now, caution: An outfit consisting solely of pieces from this collection will probably not work (see above). But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from treating yourself to an expertly aged pair of boyfriend jeans that will last you a lifetime, now does it? The line certainly has its fair share of winners. You can keep ‘em guessing by pairing up your choice pieces with urban-inspired jewelry, or, you can take that beautiful textured turtleneck all the way by pairing with a gorgeous pair of leather boots and beach-wavy hair…

Regardless, a good number of these items can complete that fantasy I have of hanging out with Ralph himself on his massive ranch compound in Colorado, taking some time away from the hustle and bustle, sipping cider, just takin’ it easy… in the most chicly possible of ways, of course.

Our top five picks:
1. Repaired Boyfriend Jean, $225
2. Scoopneck Jersey Graphic Tank, $50
3. Wool-Blend Textured Turtleneck, $98
4. Woolen Belted Shawl Cardigan, $298
5. Whiskered Stretch Flare Jean, $125



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