Everything about Shourouk is so bling-y (we mean that in the best way) and so sassy, that a glowing spotlight will be sure to follow your every move when donning any one of these gorgeous pieces. And, more importantly, Shourouk is also on point when it comes to being on-trend (and yet, beautifully timeless at the same time). Go ahead… try and tell us you knew where to purchase the perfect princess headband, one of this season’s hottest accessories, before this…

Well, First Lady Michelle Obama certainly did, that’s for sure! Behold, here she is sporting a Shourouk tiara… as a belt! And if this is not enough proof of just how hot Shourouk is right now, check out Lady Gaga decked in one of the designer’s nifty creations. That’s a scope ranging from pop mega star to the Oval Office. Impressive? We think so.

So let’s talk a little bit about the amazing woman behind the brand. Shourouk Rhaiem is a French jewelry designer, a self-described ‘Parisian, body and soul,’ whose vision revolves around the idea of ‘vanity.’ We are especially enamored with this fabulous Frenchie for maintaining a look that is both chic and modern in almost every way possible; her beautiful website and blog being no exception. We are completely obsessed with all things Shourouk. And we hope that, after this, you will be too.

Photo of Michelle Obama provided courtesy of


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