An integral part of the fashion industry, trends will come and go. Some we love, some we hate, and some… while fabulous for a period of time, start to wear on us after a bit. We’re only human. So here we have for you a selection of five tired trends to close out the summer season. Fall is almost here, it’s time to move on…

Designer Friendship Bracelets
Three words:  MAKE YOUR OWN. Wasn’t that always the point of these things anyway? Now, go spend that $250 on a pair of multi-colored flatforms that you won’t wear in three months, if at all…
Chan Luu Braided Wrap Bracelet, $168

Over-The-Top Statement Necklaces
A hard one to swallow—even for us. Ladies, why must some of you find it necessary to detract from your beautiful faces by donning giant jewels that look as if they just escaped from Flava-Flav‘s pimp valut? Ok, I admit, some of them are indeed pretty damn cool looking, and maybe this is just another case of me growing weary of hearing the word ‘statement’ uttered before every fashion-related noun out there. On the flip side, I’m really loving all of the accessory layering going on lately. It’s a fresh way to truly personalize your look, as you can pretty much pull all pieces from your own collection, and it works really well with the Native American and 70s-inspired pieces hitting stores this season.
Photo credit.

Ombré Hair
We all went though our punk phase. That time when we wanted to be different, and, henceforth, decided to home-bleach/kill and Manic Panic our hair. Now, you’re telling me this is in Vogue (literally)? Sure, it was cute when it first hit the glossies, but, at this point, I don’t really see the difference between this trend and letting your color fade out about six to nine months longer than recommended. Actually, if you really want to, just do that–it’s cheaper.
Photo credit.

“Color Blocking”
Hey, how about I pair this pink skirt with a green top and maybe some goldenrod platform loafers? BAM: color blocking. OR… the latest window display at Limited Too? Your choice. Either way, I’m gosh darn tired of hearing a term that has come simply to mean you decided to dress in something other than grey-scale. Good for you!
Photo credit.

Daily Outfit Blogs… and That’s It
Ok, this last one is a delicate subject, and yes, this is not technically your run-of-the-mill sartorial trend, but a trend nonetheless. Now, of course we don’t want to diss fellow bloggers and all you fabulous fashionistas out there whose inexplicably diverse wardrobe makes us want to claw our own eyes out. But here’s the thing: In the ever-evolving world of fashion, one would think it to be a woman’s (or man’s, for that matter) principle aim to be, well, an individual? It’s part of the allure of life and of the breaking away from years of hideous high school uniforms. So, to put it quite bluntly, why do we care what the chick down the block wore to Whole Foods yesterday? Not sure? Neither am I, which is why I’ve grown a bit weary of blogs that rely solely on posts of this sort. There are indeed a handful of winners out there, but outside those select few… I don’t think we really care that much anymore.

Agree? Disagree? Something missing? You tell us who or what needs to throw in the towel already. Hey, someone has to be the bad guy in all this, right?




  1. Thoughtful post and yeah, you’re right, the whole idea of the world of fashion should be individuality. It so often happens that the individual look gets distorted into a mass marketing/copy cat frenzy – everybody on the bandwagon. We need to remember the purity of it all or move on.

  2. Trends are part of the fashion world; some good, some bad. That over-the-top necklace you featured looks like it could weigh a ton! Yikes! Great job, Natalie! Enjoyed your article! A fan! Cris 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more…with ALL of them! Great post.

  4. Hahaha, I love the part “Bam…colorblocking!” I can’t agree more on hair, I did exactly what you said – let my hair grow to make it healthier, turns out it’s the trend…. did I set it? I can’t agree on bloggers, though, I am one of them, and I just do as a hobby. I feel that my friends love it and try being dressier now. Hey, we are helping the economy!

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