Now, are we ready for some Alexa Chung?! (Hint: The answer is yes.)

Muse to fashion designers around the globe, and style icon to countless fans internet-wide, Alexa has been nabbing our eyeballs and our hearts for a few years now. Starting off first as a model and then as a Contributing Editor at UK Vogue, Alexa now is planning to host a new show of her very own on Lifetime called ‘24-hour Catwalk.’ If you didn’t have a hunch already, yes, this show is going to be all about fashion (we’re assuming something along the lines of ‘Project Runway). And the fast-churning rumor mill has it that our beloved Cynthia Rowley will even be making a guest appearance on the show as well! In short, Alexa, who has already captivated every fashionable cell in our bodies, is now going to set us completely ablaze–metaphorically speaking, that is…

So, the question of the day remains: Do we really want to look like her? Uh, well, yeah. But can we pull it off? Well, we can give it a shot and die trying; and we have just the thing to get you started. We adore this stunning silky dress get-up Alexa was spotted in just a few short days ago.

So ready your engine, ladies, we have brought you some bona-fide Alexa Chung hotness right to your front door. Why… you’ve never looked better!

1. ModCloth Scrunched for Time Bootie in black, $45
2. Juicy Couture Scattered Blooms Dress, $228
3. Miss Sixty Azhar Jacket, $80
4. Aldo Rehm Black Satchel, $50
5. Carole Oval Pendant Necklace, $16
6. Waxing Poetic Cross Charm, $40

Photo of Alexa provided courtesy of


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