Detachable collars. What do we think of them? I must admit I approached this trend with a bit of trepidation–at first. But part of me (the part that is, to this day, still super obsessed with Miu Miu’s S/S 2010 Collection) really wants to give them a chance.

Now that I’ve had a year plus to let the idea of this trend marinate in my mind, I’ve decided to keep an open mind to it, and if you have too, then we have a few helpful tips for you when picking out your own detachable collar:

Price, obviously. How often will you wear yours? If you’re simply planning to dip your feet into the pool (and your answer is once or twice), then I suggest opting for one of the collars priced $50 or below. You’ll be able to say you did it and walk away with unmarred pockets and a trendy piece that’ll take you through the entire fall/winter 11-12 season.

Weight and structure. You don’t want a collar that’s too lightweight–one that will shift every which way when you’re wearing it. The whole point of the detachable collar is to add a bit of polished flair to your ensemble, not to appear… a whole lot of disheveled. The exaggerated pointed collar is my favorite for its sophisticated, clean look, but of course, there is a time and place for the rounded collar too.
Note: There’s no shame in resorting to a bit of double-sided tape. If you have to do it, you have to do it. Stick a couple of pieces at the very tips of the underside of your collar to hold it in place… they’ll never know.

How you plan on wearing it. You’re going to need to pair your collar with a crew neck, short Mandarin collar, deep scoop neck, deep v-neck or strapless top or dress. Strapless looks good with both the rounded and pointed collars; the same goes for crew neck or short Mandarin collars. I’d say to exercise caution when pairing with anything else and simply to use your own discretion.

That being said, here is a little trend-spiration to get you on your way, provided by UK-based illustrator and personal favorite of mine, Kris Atomic.

Choose your collar wisely.
1. Eleven Objects Tan Pony Collar with Brass Studs, $325*
2. Gemma Lister Gold Leather Collar, $229*
3. Boyhood Clothing Peter Pan Fringe Collar, $72
4. Norwegian Wood x Jen Storey Detachable Silk Shirt Collar in Wheat, $65*
5. Kathy Coleman Studded Peter Pan Collar, $59
6. Tilt Adornments Blush Suede Peter Pan Collar with Metal Studs, $56*
7. Wear The Canvas Detachable Floral Cotton and Vintage Lace Collar, $38*
8. EqueGlitz Detachable Leopard Print Collar, $21
9. Princess Zhing Black Lace Peter Pan Collar, $18
10. ASOS Crochet Collar, $11

*Items pictured above

Runway photos and fashion illustration provided courtesy of


2 responses to “COLLAR ME BAD

  1. Miu Miu is amazing, and I think their collection made detachable collars a must have item! Thanks so much for featuring my floral collar.

  2. jennifer laursen

    Fantastic article. Collars are such a fun alternative to necklaces, and they give your wardrobe an instant update for a minimal price tag. Thanks for including my suede peter pan collar!

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