If there’s a single graphic designer a glossy fashionista like yourself ought know, it’s Malika Favre. So, if you aren’t already familiar, perk up those ears and pay attention because this is a style lesson worth learning…

Malika Favre is a French graphic designer living in London whose work has been commissioned by high-profile studios such as Airside and whose illustrations have graced the pages of Wallpaper* and The Sunday Times. Now an official freelance illustrator, Favre is all but sweeping us off our feet with her fabulous, fashion-forward designs. We are absolutely in love with her work La Promenade–a 40-piece limited edition screen-print collection that is resolutely runway-worthy. Take a petite peek at the seven-piece collection pictured here and you will know what we mean. When it comes down to it, Favre’s vector masterpiece is essentially a beautiful representation of the 21st century female: stylish, bold, and brilliantly powerful (just try to hold on to that jaguar!).

Now, let’s ponder, shall we, a few Favre-inspired fashion ideas from which we can draw inspiration and incorporate into our everyday lives:

1. Bold headpieces
2. Red lips and nails
3. Geometric forms
4. Unexpected accessories (A rat, perhaps?!)
5. Overall elegance

Oh, and might we mention how much Favre’s work calls to mind the oh-so-beautiful designs of Oscar De La Renta? See for yourselves:




  1. Yes, truly inspirational.

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