Bear teeth, bird claws, and swords, oh my!

For the darker side in all of us, Philadelphia-based BloodMilk Jewelry has everything your blacked heart could ever desire–and more. Whether you actually dabble in the occult or simply share a fascination for all things supernatural and/or surreal, you are bound to find a special keepsake to call your very own in this otherworldly online shop.

Each piece is made-to-order; a wide array of metals are employed in the making of BloodMilk pieces, including–but not limited to–rose gold, blackened brass and bronze, and my personal favorite, sterling silver. The selection of large bird claw necklaces are as grotesque as they are stunning and the use of the planchette (Ouija board guide) on rings and as a pendant is eerily haunting yet strikingly well-designed. These are the kind of pieces that people won’t be able to pull their eyes away from as they dangle from your neck or wrist, or cling to your fingers or ears. Choose your piece wisely–or, perhaps, it has already chosen you? 

Top to bottom: Two of Swords Tarot Earrings, $200; Amour Fou Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, $225; Planchette Oracle Ring in Rose Gold, $195

Top to bottom: Nevermore Sterling Juvenile Cow Skull Bracelet, $375; The Prophet Necklace, $300; Sacred Secret Reliquary Locket Rosary, $170

Not shown: The Underworld Sterling Baby Owl Necklace, $180



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