During my last major closet clean out, I distinctly remember pulling my denim jacket aside and being completely torn over whether I’d hold onto it or not. Coming to the conclusion that it was indeed a staple item that would inevitably come back around, I stashed it away–until very recently.

Denim has been enjoying a resurgence of sorts, gracing the runways of many high profile fashion designers including, but not limited to, Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, Valentino, and Thakoon. You may have also noticed denim popping up in a myriad of different forms, from dresses to western style shirts, 70s inspired jeans, handbags and yes–even shoes. With so many options readily available, there really is no excuse to miss out on this must-hit fall trend. Intimidated? Apprehensive of the phrase ‘Canadian tuxedo?’ Don’t be! It’s easier to pull off than you think.

A great way to transition into the fall season while still getting some extra mileage out of your summer dresses is to replace your go-to leather jacket with a well-cut denim one–a look that many off-duty models and celebrities alike have turned to lately. There are tons of different styles of denim jackets in circulation right now, and as long as you find one with the right proportions and weight–you’ll be good to go.

A denim dress is also refreshingly easy way to make a fashionable statement. I particularly love this one from Motel, available at ModCloth.

Jeans too are a necessity as the weather begins to turns cooler. While skinny jeans aren’t entirely out (they are instrumental for showing off that badass boot collection) they are certainly being overshadowed by looser 70s style silhouettes. However, if you don’t have it in you to throw on the bell bottoms right this instant, I recommend easing into a modest pair of boot cuts that will give you a similar but muted effect. Flares are an amazing way to balance out curvier women, not to mention the fact that wearing a floor-sweeping boot cut or flared jean over heels will give you legs for miles.

Want to take it to the next level? Pair your flared jeans with a tucked in western-style shirt, then throw in some loafer pumps, a skinny belt, and a cool pair of aviators and you just may find yourself on the other side of the Sartorialist‘s lens!

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  1. Nice variety of denim fashions; thanks for the report.

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