Nightcap Clothing has us ooo-ing and ahh-ing over its extensive array of 60s-inspired silhouettes and patterns. With their designs being donned by lovely-chic celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, Brit Morgan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dakota Fanning, you know the design department must be doing a whole lot of something right.

We recommend channeling your inner Edie Sedgwick in any of these socialite-model-and heiress-worthy pieces, which straddle the line between trendy (peekaboo cutouts) and timeless (lacy, ethereal textiles and classic silhouettes) so seamlessly that we’re confident they’ll go the distance. Invest in your wardrobe and don a little Nightcap; this is the kind of fashion that’s bound to bring you infinite good stylin’ returns.

1. Victorian Lace Dress, $345*
2. Priscilla Open Back Lace Bodycon Dress, $268*
3. Deep V Victorian Lace Dress, $341*
4. Jungle Lace Caftan, $325
5. Wrap Bodysuit, $165

*Items pictured above


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