When we were young children, we would seek comfort, we’d cuddle and we’d confide in our favorite teddy bear buddies. So why not translate that comfort and whimsy into fashion? That is just what designer Violet Valen has done with her one-of-a-kind fashion brand Buddy Society. Every piece made by Valen is handmade with love using vintage teddy bears she handpicks from all over the world. Valen’s creative brand started as a custom made-to-order line for children. She would patch adorable collectible teddy bears onto everyday garments, giving kids a sense of home and companionship wherever they went. From there, her line quickly grew into full-fledged fashion design initiative for children and for adults, and continues to gain popularity among celebs like Drew Barrymore and other fashionistas alike…

We absolutely LOVE her most recent collection of teddy shorts and boyfriend jeans which debuted back in May, and think they’d make a perfect addition to your statement-making wardrobe.

Valen carefully selects all of her bears from destinations around the globe, then lovingly designs them into wearable works of art that are as comfortable as your favorite pajamas. Check out her awesome selection of unique handmade pieces here. You’ll be glad to have a buddy on your back this summer and for plenty of years to come.




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